The Unmatchable Match (Fung yu tong lu, 1990)

Hong Kong Panorama Corporation Ltd. DVD edition

So, Stephen Chow isn't his typical funny guy here but plays an undercover cop in a great and entertaining Hong Kong Golden Era
Crime-Action. He shows his agility and so does his buddy in the film, martial arts expert Michael Chan, and they're both fine in the
film. Vivian Chow isn't that good as Stephen's girlfriend but i think she was more successful as a Cantopop singer ( i remember i once
had a CD with her, from the early 1990's).

The disgustingly brutal Hong Kong gangster boss Guts (Sing Fui On) robs a value transport of jewels and kills the poor guards.
He then contacts another boss, Fei (Michael Wai Man Chan) to fence the diamonds and give Guts 30 %, but the deal goes wrong
and ends in a .... surprise .... a shootout between the gangs (something never seen before in a gansgter film .... just joking.
Fei is caught by the police and sent to jail and policeman Cheung Lon (Stephen Chow) AKA Cockroach is ordered by his police
boss, Inspector Lee (played by the eternal no clue bumbling policeman in HK film, Danny Lee) to go undercover and befriend boss
Fei in prison to get info about what the evil boss Guts is up to. Even though Cockroach annoys Fei they finally become buddies and
there are a lot of entertaining crime action to behold. I liked it.

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen and with DD 5.1 cantonese audio, trailer extra

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