Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show (2010)

US Raro Video DVD


Text below written 2016-04-14

A young filmmaker, Alessio Rinaldi (Gabriele Soleri) is denied money for the making of his new film by the producer
because of the poor quality of the script, and he's advised to contact the writer Ubaldo Terzani.
Said and done, soon Alessio will go to Turin to work with Ubaldo and live at his house. But first Alessio buys a bunch
of UT's books, crime/horror stories with a very violent content. So violent that Alessio's girlfriend Sara (Laura Gigante)
after reading them states ... "In my opinion, these are the works of a seriously disturbed person".
You better remember that Alessio.

25 year old Alessio meets middle-age Ubaldo in Turin and they start working on their script together. But, Ubaldo also
takes Alessio out to enjoy the Turin nightlife, and Alessio starts having bad nightmares with a decidedly splatter slant to
them. Is it just dreams or ? Soon also Sara is invited to Ubaldo's home and fascinated by the elder successful author and
libertine, she accepts. Will bad things happen ? There could be a spoiler on the DVD cover to that question.
There's not much more to say about this film and the only star is Sergio Stivaletti that provides the shock Gore effects,
and it resembles something of the newer stuff from Herschell Gordon Lewis, but without the humour

widescreen 1.85:1, 5.1 or 2.0 audio in italian with english subtitles. Extras: Commentary track with director and script
writer Gabriele Albanesi and Antonio Tentori, Laura Gigante screen test 3 minutes in italian with english subs (obviously
she came well prepared, in a T-shirt without a bra and with nipples stiff as bullets, some ice cubes came in handy before
entering the room maybe?) .... yes, i'm grumpy but she's bad and this film is bad,
A short film Braccati - The Hunted from 2001 (24 minutes in italian with subs) that resembles something ... something ...
something ... i'm speechless, it's so bad ... something a pre-teen child could've made up during a lunch break,
2 trailers and a text sheet with the strange Chris Alexander from Fangoria who gushes about how great this bad film is

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