Two Undercover Agents (El caso de las dos bellezas)/Kiss Me, Monster (1969)

US Blue Underground DVD

Text written 2016-04-21

2 somewhat psychedelic trashy and enjoyable crime comedies (parody) about the beautiful detective duo Red Lips,
that was filmed both in 1969. Euro psychedelia, strange and loosely jointed even by Jesse standards but pretty
charming even though. This Jesse Franco Kiss me Monster from 1969 may not be the same as his 1967 one ?
Psychedelic, yes, but Jess unique (haphazard) style of filming makes most of his films look psychedelic and disorientating

Two Undercover Angels (1969) - Diana (Janine Reynaud) and Regina (Rosanna Yanni) they're the detective team The
Red Lips and they're investigating the disappearance of 8 women. The Horror inspired artist Klaus and his slightly
werewolf looking underling may have something to do with the missing girls. A cute Go Go dancer makes an impact
anamorphic widescreen 1.66:1, mono english dub audio, extra: a trailer and an interview with old Jess "The Case of
the Red Lips" 14 minutes

Kiss Me Monster (1969) - The Red Lips meets a secret sect, hunt for the secret formula of Professor Bertrand, meets
secrets agents and lesbian kidnappers, and everyone they see dies of knife stabbings in their backs.
This film is even more Psychotronic than the first Red Lips film.
anamorphic widescreen 1.66:1, mono english dub audio, extra: a trailer and another interview with old Jess (22 minutes)
abouth drugs, pornography and ... Orson Welles.
Wouldn't it be a great idea if someone collected all the different DVD/Bluray interviews with the Maestro Jess and
edited it into something of a definite view of The Wild World of Jesse Franco ?


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