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HGL - The Godfather of Gore surprises us with being quite ambitious with his second film in his infamous
Blood Trilogy (Blood Feast 1963, 2000 Maniacs 1964 and Color Me Blood Red 1965). Sure, there are his famous
shock scenes but there is also a fine script about a southern town returning to life and celebrating it's Centennial
after being wiped out by Yankee soldiers during the Civil War in the 1860's.
They celebrate it in a southern way by murdering by car lost tourists from the north.

Yes, it's a lowbudget B movie but it's inspired, with primitive crude shock effects (nasty even today) and it has
a ton of atmosphere and shot in crisp colors and in bright daylight. HGL cleverly use the cheering citizens for a
contrast to the hideous deaths their guests suffers (and they probably had no idea of what film they would
appear in). HGL at his peak and a film that must have started a genre of it's own - The Inbred Country Maniacs
vs. The City Tourists. The ending to this film was GREAT - 100 years to the next massacre

The small town used for the shooting was named St. Cloud, Florida and is today the site of Disneyworld.
4:3 fullscreen original fullscreen ratio Extra: Audio commentary by Herschell Gordon Lewis, original trailer, gallery


Några yankees på bilresa i sydstaterna hamnar på villovägar och kommer till en liten stad i feststämning och välkomnas
kungligt som stadens hedersgäster. Staden firar 100 års jubileet av hur nordstats-soldater massakrerade alla stadens invånare
under inbördeskriget, och hedersgästerna är egentligen utsedda som slaktoffer. HGL's absoluta mästerverk med chock-effekter
som i all sin primitivitet ännu är omskakande och ett, i mitt tycke, faktiskt rätt suggestivt slut när staden återvänder till sin 100-åriga
sömn. En film som inspirerat massor av horrorfilmer sen dess.

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