H.P. Lovecraft's Two Left Arms (2013)

US Widowmaker 2018 DVD edition

Text below written 2018-05-28

Yes, a
horror from the interesting director and cinematographer Italian Domiziano Delvaux Cristopharo, the maker of neo-genre films
and possible reanimator of the Italian horror genre. This is only the second film i've seen from Cristopharo, the first was slow but
stylish The Transparent Woman, something of a gothic giallo, with Roberta Gemma in it (read more on my Giallo film page).

This film Two Left Arms may be based on some H.P. Lovecraft story (i'm too lazy to Google it) and i didn't like it as much as The
Transparent Woman. The film starts out very promising though, with lots of local atmosphere from an Italian mountain village/town
and with great cinematography from Cristopharo catching it. The italian-american restorer Randolph Carter (Paolo Stella) arrives to
restore a fresco painting in the church and he's met by hostile locals and awakes at night by a strange procession through the village.
The painting at church turns out to be of Sicinna, the ancient pagan goddess worshipped in the village in pre-roman times, and also
maybe even today. The only one who is friendly and helps him is Emma Galliano (Yvonne Scio, below)

Yeah, this film starts out very nicely and with the hints of paganism it could be an Italian Wicker Man a-coming, but .... NO, nope.
A meteorite has crashed decades earlier, some sort of creatures or aliens and bla bla bla. Lots of mumbo jumbo ramblings and i
lost any comprehension of what was going on, or was i too tired maybe? This film turns very strange though and starts feeling
like an Italian Eric Stanze movie. Mumbo Jumbo en masse.

But, maybe Lovecraft wrote it like that, and it has a great setting, charismatic acting from Carlo De Mejo in his final role, OK acting
from Paolo Stella, Ruggero Deodato shouting Maleditto Paese and the interesting eyes of Yvonne Scio.

anamorphic widescreen, english audio DD stereo with some italian speaking (and then with english subtitles) - Beware of Italian
heavy accents - Extra: trailers, bloopers and an image gallery. US DVD edition in probably region free (or region 19


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