Två kvinnor (1947)

Swedish Studio S Entertainment DVD edition

Obscure swedish melodrama noir with also obscure Cécile Ossbahr in the main role as a married rich woman with a shady past.
The film is strictly B with bad direction and with bad acting from most, with the exception of future Ingmar Bergman actors Gunnar
Björnstrand and Eva Dahlbeck (and of funny Marianne Löfgren in a small part). Cécile Ossbahr was atrocious too but beautiful and
looked like an ex-fashion model. Eva Dahlbeck was great, and maybe even hypnotic, as the gangster girl and she stole every scene
and i just stared at her all through the film. She plays a stupid and jealous girlfriend to a criminal, she sings at a nightclub and she's
full of life. A delightful and very fine actress.

Eva Dahlbeck as Sonja

The director of this film, Arnold Sjöstrand, also acts as the writer John Martins who's the autor of a series of books about the
criminal world .... and wow, is he bad or not. Awful acting. He narrates the story of poor Cecilia Alling (Cécile Ossbahr) and told
to her husband, when she's has been shot in a shady cheap hotel (in the "Klara kvarter", once a rundown and shady part of
Stockholm where a lot of poor artists, writers and poets lived).

Cecilia is married to the rich tycoon Henry Alling (played by famous swedish actor Georg Rydeberg who also gives a very poor
performance in this film) but in the flashback we get to know about her troubled past.
Cecilia as a teenager worked as a waitress for her rotten and greedy foster parents at their beer joint (her "mother" played by
also famous swedish singer and theatre actress etc. Naima Wifstrand) and when assaulted by a man she stabs him and goes
to jail. In jail she meets and befriends the habitual jailbird Sonja Bergman (Eva Dahlbeck 1920 - 2008).

Sonja and Cecilia

Sonja and Cecilia are jailed at Långholmen in central Stockholm and Sonja's boyfriend is the gangster Bengt (Gunnar Björnstrand)
who arranges Sonja's escape, but she's almost immediately caught by the police where Bengt manages to escape them.
After doing her stint Cecilia starts working at a massage parlour run by "Ms. Sinner" (the funny Marianne Löfgren) but quits
immediately when she understands what "service" she's supposed to give her customers (this scene was censored by the swedish
film censors). Then she starts working as a waitress at the nightclub The Spider, but quits when the boss wants to have sex.

Marianne Löfgren as the happy and amoral Ms. Sinner

When working as a Record Shop seller she meets rich pulp (wood) tycoon Henry Alling and they marry. Now, she's famous and
written about in media, but old "friends" including Bengt starts to turn up to extort money for keeping silent about her past

All scenes with John Martins (Arnold Sjöstrand) and Henry Alling (Rydeberg) were atrocious and cringy and Ossbahr sucked too.
Scenes with Eva Dahlbeck and Marianne Löfgren were great, and Dahlbeck also sings some nightclub numbers competently.
Trivia: Cécile Ossbahr 1920-2012 married Stenbock and a Countess and she won some medals as a veteran athletic i.a. long
distance running (when writing this in January 2023 with the swedish record 10 km for 85 year olds) and throwing the discus.

The film is presented in 4:3 fullscreen, black & white, DD 2.0 swedish audio with swedish subtitles, region 2. Extras: Trivia,
picture gallery and biographies