True Love Ways (2015)

German Neue Donau Film 2015 bluray edition, black & white

A Stylish Art Horror

I was pleasantly surprised to see a German release of a new German language made genre film WITH english subtitles
added. Great, and hopefully Germany will continue that way, but probably this only means that the filmmakers don't
expect this film being released in other non-german speaking countries (?).
Well, a beautiful girl with a bloody axe on the cover and the concept of a black & white indie offering with arty vibes
to it, that was what lured me in. And, i wasn't disappointed as it really was a horror thriller, stylishly shot and with a
ridiculously photogenic main actress in Anna Hausburg (she almost has to have been a fashion model, walks that way
models tend to do, with a slightly swaggering catwalk gait?).

My complaint with this movie is the script, it's feels very rudimentary and almost like a 12 year old has written it in
school, after watching his/her parents DVD collection of horror films. BUT, what's good about it that's :

1. The work of the TRUE STAR of this film production - cinematographer Oliver Geissler, whose photography
makes this little indie movie look really beautiful in crisp black & white footage, and

2. Anna Hausburg

The Gore was OK, the Bad Guys where more inept than scary, and not very believable and the scene with the woman
and the child in the wheelchair was much creepier than anything with the Men in Black in it. The Blues Brothers making
snuff movies almost. No, a missed oportunity there, Seiler should have used the woman and girl more, and who where
they anyway? The wife and child of the gangleader?

Story: A young woman, Séverine (Anna Hausburg) has broken up with her boyfriend as she needs a time-out and a
short vacation all by herself. The boyfriend, Tom (Kai Michael Müller) complains to a man in a bar, and in a childish
scheme the man offers to kidnap her just for Tom to then come to the rescue, and that way re-ignite their relationship.
Stupid, stupid plot device, what's the IQ level of this Tom?

But the Man in black (David C. Bunners) has much more sinister plans for Séverine. To snatch her when she's travelling
through a forest (obviously he knew exactly what route she would take), and Yes, the forest looks very picturesque and
much suitable for some luscious black & white photography for a fashion shoot or .... an arty indie movie.

In the forest is a big villa, in the villa is a snuff movie studio, in the studio is an old bed, upon the bed a kidnapped beauty
queen is raped and killed, and under the bed with the dead beauty queen on it our Séverine is hiding.
Will she manage to stay alive, will there be a convoluted ending to this story ?

widescreen 1.85:1, german audio DTS-HD MA with english subtitles, Extra: trailer, Dead Eyes info, interviews with the
director and actress in german 4 min and in english 2 min, and some trailers for other films i.a. Autumn Blood

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