Trivisa (2016)

Hong Kong Panorama Corporation Limited DVD edition

Text below written 2018-03-09

A crime movie that took the Hong Kong critics by storm and was richly awarded with film prizes.
I dont get it at all as i thought it childish, stupid and uninteresting, and i normally is entertained by
almost any Hong Kong film that is made. It swept the awards with Best director, best screenplay
and best acting etc. Screenplay .... yuck! Idiotic story. But OK, actors award to Lam Ka Tung i can
understand as he was GREAT in the role as psychopatic criminal Kwai. He just crackles with evil
and is fascinating and scary to watch, but in a very believable undertoned way, not in the over the
top, if funny, way as an Anthony Wong or a Simon Yam performance in an old Cat. III movie.

The film is directed by three different directors and with 3 different stories that run along parallell lines
and to meet at the end in an obviously, by film critics, considered "smart" way.

It starts in 1997 with a criminal killing 3 cops. He's Kwai Ching-hung (Lam Ka Tung) and he's one of
Hong Kong's Three Kings of Thieves. A piece of human slime that the untalented scriptwriters wants
us to believe has some heroic status among HK's criminal world. Idiotic story.

Another one of The Three Kings of Thieves is Yip Kwok-foon (Richie Jen) and he's the boss of an
ex-jewel thief robber gang who now works legit with import/export of electronics. He has to handle a
horde of corrupt officials though and he and his men are longing back to their criminal days.

The third King is played badly by Jordan Chan as Cheuk Tze Keung, the boss of a kidnapping and
much else gang. He's supposed to be funny i guess but he's desperately unfunny slime in a very
badly written role. He runs over and kills some poor peasant with his car and doesn't even give her
a look .... ha, ha, ha, very funny, really hilarious you cretinous scriptwriter.



"People" in HK, criminal people or media ?? (not deeply delved with in the poor script) starts speculating
about these pukes joining together to commit some huge crime.
But instead they go down in a spray of bullets and these scenes are meant to be grandiose in some Tony
Montana in Scarface going down - way. They are NOT, just badly written and directed, especially the
human slime Jordan Chan's ending.

Well, anyway, the Kwai Ching-hung episode is directed by Frank Hui, the Yip Kwok-foon episode by
Jevons Au and the (unfortunate) Cheuk Tze Keung one by Vicky Wong.
The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen with a cantonese 5.1 soundtrack and english subtitles


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