Tragedy Girls (2017)

US Gunpowder & Sky Blu-ray edition

A really twisted retro-slasher taking place in 1996 where two girl school buddies are obsessed with killings and gore and .... social media.
Brianna Hildebrand as Sadie and Alexandra Shipp as McKayla looks like 2 angelic highschool girls, but are both insane homicidal maniacs
and obsessed with gore and torture. AND social media too. They manage a web page of some sort (don't ask me, i'm an old guy and have
no clue about Facebook or whatever) devoted to serial killers, murders and gore, and they want subscribers and lots of likes.

They trap a serial killer and keep him as a prisoner in their lair. They murder school kids en masse, torture them, hack or saw off their limbs
etc. with smirks on their faces and they arrange deadly accidents with video material for their web followers.
Well, this may sound awful but luckily this is a slasher with lots of black comedy not to be taken too serious. And the girls are great and
absolutely beautiful, Hildebrand looking a bit like a mix of a young Jennifer Jason Leigh and Winona Ryder, and Shipp as an afro-american
Scarlett Johansson so i can stomach the girls getting away scot free after murdering 124 kids in a take on Carrie. Nihilistic comedy maybe.

It's only a film, and with a lot of inventive and well made gore effects and with the gorgeous actresses it was a highly enjoyable watching.
The film is presented in a 2.39:1 widescreen and with a 5.1 surround english audio. Commentary by director Tyler MacIntyre


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