The Tower (Tawo, 2012)

Hong Kong Edko Films DVD

Help! There's a fire in the Tower Sky Twin Towers

Text below written 2016-07-20

I don't like catastrophe/disaster movies very much, but this one was pretty good or maybe it was just the somewhat
different flavour of a South Korean one instead of a Hollywood one i found attractive?
Otherwise this film follow every genre rule to the book, just as any Hollywood blockbuster, in the beginning you get
to know a bunch of different people: The rich snotty woman that harasses the cleaning staff when her stinking dog
takes a shit, the rich (and snotty) socialites that attends the Christmas Eve party, the security manager, his love interest
the restaurant manager, the comic relief guy, the cute kid, brave fire-fighters including the innocent rookie etc. etc.
Then the fire starts and people die. They burn, they fall from great hights, they get smashed in elevators or by falling
debris .... but surprisingly the rich snotty woman with her ugly ratlike dog doesn't die. A detour from the Rule Book.

The Christmas Eve Party at the luxurious new apartment building Tower Sky Twin Towers are attended by all the rich
people of Seoul, the company executives, the socialites and the corrupt politicians. With it's 108 floors and 1700
apartments, elegantly built in modern style architecture and situated near the Han river, it's only suited for the very rich.
The Big Premiere is at Christmas Eve and the company that built the Towers celebrates it with a huge party.
No costs are spared, and when there's no snow expected for Christmas they make their own snow using choppers
spreading the white stuff from big containers hanging from them. But, thermal winds causes the catastrophe ...

The Chopper crashes into the building and just like 9/11 it's fuel ignites and causes the devastating fire.
So, we then follow some people trying to escape the fire and the fire-fighters trying to reach them and save them.
There are the restaurant manager Yun-hee (Son Ye-jin) and her admirer the security manager Dae-ho (Kim Sang-
kyung), his little daughter Ha-na (awful child actor, awful), the Lotto winner Mr. Kim and his religious friends, the
middle-aged cleaning woman trying to reach her son, the pregnant lady, the comic relief guy, old couple etc. etc.
The brave fire-fighters are led in action by captain Kang (Sol Kyung-gu) and Ahn Sung-ki can be seen in a cameo.
Recommended viewing if you can digest lots of people dying on the screen. It's well made, the CGI was OK if not
Hollywood blockbuster top notch, well acted, gripping and with pace and suspense.

anamorphic widescreen, DTS 5.1 or DD 5.1 korean audio with english subtitles. Extras: Gallery, theatrical trailer
and 5 short making of featurettes (6 minutes with english subs and 3 minutes without subs)


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