Too Late For Tears (1949)

US Piss-Poor edition

Text below written 2020-03-05

Aaaah, Lizabeth Scott and Dan "The Weasel" Duryea together, two icons of the Film Noir genre, could it be better really?
Aaaah, Nooo, yes it could unfortunately as this cellar company dvd edition is beyond rotten, it looks like a 3rd generation
dupe and should be avoided at all costs, with such a blurry pic you think there's something seriously wrong with your eyes.

Anyway, Lizabeth Scott and Dan Duryea almost embodies the concept of Film Noir, they were so good in these types of
dark tales, and this film is a gem. What is this film about? Answer: The Dance of Death around the Suit-Case of Money
When a married couple, the Palmers, Alan and Jane (Scott) is out driving in their car at night another car turns up and a
suit-case with 60000 USD in it is thrown into their backseat. What to do?
Alan wants to go to the police with the money, but Jane doesn't like that idea.

Then the small-time gangster Danny (Duryea) shows up and looking for the money, his money. Bad people, bad money
and soon the first murder occurs and death-dance around the suit-case is trodden.
Lizabeth Scott is magnificent as an genre archetypical rotten Femme Fatale and she always delivered, but just like another
genre icon Ella Raines (Phantom Lady, Impact) she made a couple of iconic Film Noirs but was then forgotten.

The film is presented in 4:3 fullscreen original ratio, english mono audio, black & white and surprisingly with some fine
extras: Two short documentaries - one about Lizabeth Scott and one about Dan "The Human Weasel" Duryea and a
commentary audio track by the King Expert of Film Noir, the Great Eddie Muller, plus filmographies, stills gallery and
an insert text sheet


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