To All a Good Night (Feliz Nochebuena, 1980)

Spanish Blu-ray edition

In the intro there's a deadly accident at The Calvin Finishing School for Girls. Christmas vacation time and one of the girls has a bad fall and
dies, or ha, ha, ha, rather a doll does in a special effect beyond awful and you would think this film could turn out being a comedy.
Yes, this is a bottom-of-the-barrell Slasher made incompetently by horror cult actor David Hess, but the Body Count is very high and a B slasher
like this is always entertaining for a Trash film afficionado. Almost everyone in this film dies.

Two years later there's Christmas Vacation time again but 5 girls decides to stay at the school with the house-keeper - Nancy, Trisha, Leia,
Cynthia, Melody and Ms. Jensen and, yes, the weird handyman Ralph stays too. But there's a reason the girls stayed at school and that's
because a gang of horny guys will join them for a christmas party.
However, a Slasher killer is on the loose and one with a photograph of the dead girl in the intro, and soon the youngsters starts dropping like
flies. The killer wears a Santa Suit and uses i.a. a knife, a battle axe and a crossbow to off his victims.

The quirky police inspector Polansky (Sam Shamshak) leads the investigation and the killer does his work on his men too.
The Final Girl is extra easy to spot this time, the wholesome looking one not having sex, Nancy (Jennifer Runyon). The director David Hess is
of course best known for the roles he did in some cult horror movies, as the astonishing 1972 "The Last House on the Left" by Wes Craven,
1980 "The House at the Edge of the Park" by Ruggero Deodato or the 1977 "Hitch-Hike" by Pasquale Festa Campanile.

The Blu-ray presents the film in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen ratio and with an English audio DTS-HD 2.0, no extras, region ALL


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