Titli (2014-2015)

India Yash Raj Films 2 disc edition DVD

From the left: Amit Sayal, Shashank Arora, Lalit Behl, Shivani Raghuvanshi and Ranver Shorey

WOW! This was a powerful watching experince.
Delhi Noir.
I haven't been that emotionally drained after watching a Bollywood film since i saw Gulaal. Raw Power

A Brilliant indie drama about a Family and where the youngest brother wants to escape from it's clutches
and start his own life without crime and constant aggression. Watching the sleeve i suspected some sort
of a black comedy about a sociopathic family, but i got something else. Well, if you've an advanced black
humour then maybe the extremely violence proned older brothers could be seen as tragi-comical - The
Brothers from Hell. But NO, the scene everybody will remember was anything but funny, and came as a
surprise, in fact it's one of the most disturbing i've seen for a long long time .... Nasty.

Uh-oh !

The Great director, scriptwriter and producer Anurag Kashyap, he's really on fire over how much he liked
this film and on the extra-disc he's the one doing all the interviews with the cast and the crew. If a visionary
filmmaker as AK likes a film that much - then you better take notice.
Titli is without a doubt the best indian film i've seen for some time and one of the best films i've seen the
latest years with Ugly and Badlapur (because of Nawazuddin's performance there) and maybe the best
indie Bollywood film i've seen since Miss Lovely and Gangs of Wasseypur in 2012.

Titli (Shashank Arora) lives in a poor neighbourhood with his 2 elder brothers Vikram (Ranver Shorey) and
Bavla (Amit Sayal) and his father (Lalit Behl, the director's father) somewhere in Delhi (or Dilli nowadays?)
In the start of the film we see him with a friend looking at a building under construction, where he wants
to start his own business (as a parking lot owner, i'm not sure?).
Back home his oldest brother Vikram prepares a festivity for his little daughter's birthday, his wife has left
him already, and when a deliveryman of some goods annoys him Vikram attacks and beats the crap out
of him and everything ends in sorrow with his wife walking away disgusted with the little girl.
Vikram is a psychopath and Ranver Shorey plays the role with frightening skill, he's intensely scary, and
he and his younger brother are also criminals and underlings in some gang. Young Titli has to help out his
brothers in their deed and also he is on his way into the world of crime.

Titli and Vikram (above pic)

That's why he wants out. Away from this hell hole. But the brothers won't release him from their clutch
that easily. They've a plan to keep him in the family and arranges a wedding with Neelu (sensational new-
comer Shivani Raghuvanshi, she's fantastic in her first film) and then they will get a female servant also
to serve them food and serve herself to Titli so he will be content and stay with his dear brothers.
Titli Weds Neelu (maybe as a paraphrase on the popular film Tanu Weds Manu ?) and they sit propped
up the same way with a sign over them just as in that film, with the difference that they both look very
miserable. Then that scene happens and both Titli and Neelu wants out, she to her lover (her married
cousin) and Titli to another part of the town, far away from his brothers where he can start a new life

Will they succeed ? Or is it to late ? Has Titli been damaged too much already growing up in a family of
criminality and violence ? Will there be a Feel Good ending or Feel Bad ending, or something in between?

widescreen 1.85:1 with hindi 5.1 or 2.0 audio with english subtitles and an extra disc with bonus stuff
Extras Disc 2 with interesting Round Table talk between Anurag Kashyap and the cast & crew:

1. 60 minutes interviews but without subs .... nooooooo ..... Anurag, why ? You got an international
following for sure, but luckily (as usual with Bollywood extras) there's some english thrown in now and
then during the talks. The Cast Part 1 & 2 are mostly in hindi, The Crew talks in english and finally the
talk with the producer Dibakar Banerjee and director/scriptwriter Kanu Behl are in a mix between the 2.
There's some interesting stuff here about the New Age Cinema, indie filmmaking and the extremely
successful producer (and director) Banerjee says he must produce indie films now and then to feel free

2. Music Video 3. Theatrical trailer and 4. Character promos

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