Tin Can Man (2011)

US Brink Vision DVD

A Highly original piece of work this and i haven't quite seen anything like it before, maybe if David Lynch had made
his Eraserhead into a horror film. OK, this is no classic like Eraserhead for sure, but it's an interesting low budget
indie art horror made in black & white and in 1.33:1 ratio. An experimental horror art movie that has won a whole
bunch of prizes from independent film festivals. I hadn't heard about this film before watching it and was pleasantly
surprised, but i had seen the director's much slicker and more conventional The Canal made in 2014, a pretty good
horror in the haunted house vein. Tin Can Man is much more disturbing with it's psychological horror.
Enter with Pete into a claustrophobic nightmare, for .... it's just a nightmare isn't it, isn't it? Maybe director Kavanaugh
once slept with his face suffocatingly buried into his pillow and dreamt a nightmare something like this, awoke, found
a pencil and a paper at his bedside and wrote the unpleasant remembrances of the dream down?

Michael Parle as Dave

Poor Peter (Patrick O'Donnell) has had a very bad day, first he was dumped by his girlfriend who had found a new
and better lover .... Ouch! .... and then he was scolded by his boss for being useless at his boring work.
Then in the evening when trying to relax and forget this awful day there's someone knocking at his door. He opens
and a friendly and smiling man steps in, Meet Dave (Michael Parle) and wants to borrow his mobile phone. He's
the neighbour he says and Pete let him have the phone and the man steps out. Pete hears loud laughter from the
apartment next to his and then the man returns .....

The Tin Can Man

.... "There's something i probably should tell you .... i'm not your neighbour"

The most famous Tin Can Man must be the one in the famous 1939 film musical The Wizard from Oz with Judy
Garland. Great acting make this film memorable, Michael Parle as Friendly Dave and Patrick O'Donnell are good.
Bibbi Larsson in a small role sounds like she could be Swedish, but i haven't found any info about her Googling

This film is presented in the ratio of 1.33:1 fullscreen and black & white and the DVD sleeve says it's digitally mastered
The audio is 5.1 or maybe DD stereo and Extras are just a Trailer and Audience Reaction footage, and some trailers
for other Brink Vision indie films. The director Ivan Kavanaugh can be seen in the role as Pete's angry boss and his
father (?) plays the role of Peters father


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