Tiger Claws (1991)

German Imperial Pictures DVD edition

Cynthia Rothrock in one of her many post-Hong Kong pictures, and this US-Canada co-production, filmed in Toronto, is clearly one of her
better efforts from the 1990's as i found the Bad Guy played by Bolo Yeung to be great and very entertaining with his Psycho manners.
The giggling Tiger Claw killer. The martial arts action were also better than usual in Cynthia's 1990's films as it was asian guys doing it, and
that's much better than when US stuntmen is faking it. I also found Jalal Merhi, who wrote the script and produced the film, to be likeable
in the film as a suspended cop, and also the film had a good snappy pace to it all. Cynthia was fine as always and looking good.

Above: Reversible sleeve

The film starts with Cynthia posing as a streetwalker and bouncing her boobs and being followed by a sleazy guy.
He attacks her and she takes him down with a couple of roundkicks. But, this has nothing to do with the rest of the film,
and she's Linda and soon she's handling the case of the dead martial arts master.
Another cop, martial arts savvy Terrick (Jalil Merhi) makes a drug bust but gets suspended when two other cops claims
that the case was theirs. When a second martial arts master gets killed by an unknown assassin using the Tiger Claw
technique, the perp or serial killer is called the Death Dealer.

Above: Cynthia Rothrock and Jalal Merhi

Cynthia, The queen of martial art's Linda, who could be better to handling this case than she ? As an advisor she
gets suspended cop Terrick. Soon a third martial arts expert is killed by the Death Dealer and the cop duo starts looking
for a master that teaches the Tiger Claw technique, as Sifu Chow (Mo Chow).
Chow accepts Terrick as a pupil and will the Tiger Claw killer be there ?
There's a great looking martial arts fight between Linda and Terrick and a gang of asian thugs, very nice, and Cynthia can
always make good use of a billiard que (i love to see her handling any weapons).

The film is presented in 4:3 fullscreen with an english audio DD 1.0 mono, region 2.
Extras: English and German trailer, Trailershow, Interview with lovely Cynthia Rothrock (20 minutes) in english (but with
film clips in German audio) about i.a. her famous Scorpion kick, her techniques etc.

This film got two sequels


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