The Priest (Purgatory Road, 2017)

German Tiberius Film 2019 Blu-ray edition, region B

OK, a film like this, the films of aussie Mark Savage for sure is an acquired taste and not for .... most people, i guess. So Beware.
But, i have seen some of his earlier made in Australia films and i like them with their arty indie style and with some gravitas to the
ultra violence, to the splatter and gore. He's some sort of an artist, working with Gore as his mode of expression and i really was
impressed with his 2004 film, the prize winner Defenceless: A Blood Symphony with Susanne Hausschmid in the main role.

Aussie Art Horror (see more about this on my Horror Films Page 2)

The Priest/Purgatory Road is made 13 years later than Defenceless though, and a US production it's more of a mainstream horror
than the experimental Defenceless but still with a indie pizzazz and ending in drama and a delightful "delirium" of violence.
A trashy but arty splatter and gore horror drama, intense and violent, but i repeat - an acquired taste for this sort of films may be
needed to appreciate it. The line between total trash and interesting trash is thin, admittedly.
I liked this film though as i think Mark Savage manages to add some unusual atmosphere to his films. Trash, gore, Shakespearian
family drama, and maybe a bit overstrung, but i liked this strange B indie. Most will surely hate it though and see no redeeming
qualities whatsoever.

The Story: Two brothers, Catholic Father Vincent Kirby (Gary Cairns) and his younger brother Michael (Luke Albright) drives
around in a big Van with sign "Absolution on Wheels" and makes stops at the side of the road giving locals absolution for their sins
receiving small payments for their services. Vincent is a real priest but a psychopatic such, and when anyone of his confessants
confess something that annoys Father Vincent he kills them with a huge knife. The Van is a Slaughterhouse on wheels and his
brother Michael helps him disposing of the bodies, chopping them up and burying the parts.
A MC girl, Mary Francis (Trista Robinson) keep turning up at their road-stops and soon joins them as she's a serial killer too.

The German Blu-ray presents the film in 1.78:1 widescreen and with english audio DTS-HD MA 5.1, region B, Trailer extra


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