Thelma (2017)

UK Thunderbird Releasing Blu-ray edition


Norway ... not just do they beat us in most sorts of winter sports, they make way better films than us Swedes too.
As with this one, Thelma, a slowmoving psychological horror-thriller with lots and lots of atmosphere and hidden
ESP powers. A Norwegian Carrie, sure, but colder and more psychological and maybe not with the cinematic fireworks
of a Brian De Palma at the height of his powers but still visually gorgeous. This film puts you in a sombre mood.
Hollywood next for Trier, if he's not there already, maybe, i know nothing about this director.

The soundtrack was fine too, like something from an old Cronenberg movie.

OK,visually gorgeous and a slick atmospherical horror-thriller. Slick? Yes, the cinematography was almost too good
looking in it's cold grey wintry way and with the exceptionally attractive Eili Harboe and Kaya Wilkins as the two
university friends and maybe lovers. Harboe, the Norwegian Alicia Vikander? I could see this film as a Hollywood re-make.

In the intro of this film a father is thinking about killing his young daughter, too shoot her out in the woods.
Next, after a jump in time, we see her as a young woman, a university student in the capital city. Thelma (Eili Harboe)
has a seizure like epilepsy in the library and a fellow student, Anja (Kaya Wilkins) seeks her contact.
Thelma has grown up isolated in the countryside, and with an oppressive strictly religious father with whom she has
a very close and strange relationship. He almost acts like a catholic priest for her, as she confesses her doings to him.

When Thelmas friendship with her fellow student Anja leads to love-making after Anja seducing her, she gets upset
and her frightening telekinetic powers that has been slumbering deep below awakens, maybe, or not.
Thelma's father Trond (Henrik Rafaelson) plays the role of a male Piper Laurie (the mother in Carrie) in this one and
beautiful Eili Harboe should have an international career staked out for her.

anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1 with a Norwegian DTS-HD MA 5.1 or 2.0 stereo audio with english subtitles
Extras: Interview with Joachim Trier (in english), interview with Eili Harboe (in english), Behind the Scenes, Trailer
and trailers for other films by Joachim Trier


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