Terror Express (La ragazza del vegone letto / Horror-Sex im Nachtexpress, 1980)

US Code Red - Dark Force Entertainment Blu-ray edition - region all


You may want to take a shower after watching this sleaze fest. I couldn't fit it in with my Gialli and Eurocrime films section and as the
passengers on this ill-fated nighttrain experienced a night of horror with the psychos harassing them, the horror page would do.
It sounds as this would resemble the story in the 1975 "Night Train Murders (L'Ultimo treno della notte)" with Irene Miracle in it, but
i can't remember as it was a loong time since i saw that one, but it was made by the great Aldo Lado and probably a better film and a
take on the "Virgin Spring" and "The Last House on the Left" theme.
This film "Terror Express" probably is less violent but even sleazier with more softcore sex scenes ... and a more crappy film.

The other film

The Story: We get to know the passengers of a nighttrain railroad car, a man and his wife and blonde teenage daughter, an elderly
couple, a horny old businessman, an agent escorting a convict, a blonde prostitute, an unhappy couple etc. The train left at 21.45
and 3 (three) unhinged men is onboard, Dave (Paul Werner), Ernie (Carlo Mejo) and Phil. At dinner they start terrorizing the other
passengers. This arouses the dissatisfied married woman Anna (Zora Kerova, she's a blonde naturally) and she has sex with one of
them, Ernie, in the toilet and then Phil joins in and they rape her.

The prostitute Julie (Silvia Dionisio) has a lot of clients in her compartment and the train conductor is her pimp, but she refuses to
have sex with the thug Dave, something that only makes him even more aggressive. Ernie probably has sex with every blonde in the
train car and even consentual sex too with cunnilingus his obvious specialty. Somehow Dave gets hold of the agent's gun and the
desperado trio's rule of terror gets worse, can the passengers make a counter-attack on the thugs ?

Yes, this is absolute Trash and the writer of the story and the script - Luigi Montefiore AKA George Eastman are one of the guilty
one's. This film gets no love from anyone and when a figure like Montefiore, having acted in some of the trashiest horror and sleaze
films ever made says this in the extras interview .... "It was a period when cinema was going downhill. Too many bad movies were made
.... some very despicable movies were shot. And I did some of them. I should be ashamed. We contributed to the destruction of
Italian cinema (laugh)" - then you know the film is bad. But Eastman/Montefiore is a great guy and often funny in interviews.

The film is presented in 1.66:1 ratio with an english audio DD 2.0, region all. Extras a featurette "Tales from the Rails" (24 minutes,
with interviews Zora Kerova, Carlo de Mejo and Luigi Montefiore, and a Trailer



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