Sweet Movie (1974)

US Sweet Movie (Criterion Collection DVD)

Sweet Movie, Makavejev's most legendary film and the follow-up to his also controversial 1971 WR Mysteries of the Organism
(WR= sex philosopher Wilhelm Reich). A highly bizarre, disturbing and, perhaps, also funny anarchistic satire over society and
sexual politics. Undoubtedly a fascinating watch even if the film tries very hard to to provoke the viewers with sex, scat, puke and
war atrocities. A fine example of the 1970's wild genre-transcending Cinema along with the works of other iconoclasts as Fernando
Arrabal and Alejandro Jodorowsky (even though yugoslav Makavejev later tried on more mainstream film projects).
The 1970's was a great decennia for filmmaking, often with free, exciting and untamed director forces with a vision to share, and
hey, even Hollywood permitted directors to present us some great arty and even political crime thrillers and dramas.

Today Hollywood is run by fascists, The Deep State, and every director has sold out and licks the boots of the Evil one's, making
action movies with Russians and Chinese as the new bad guys, or torture porn garbage as Saw 16: Let's Torture some more,
The Farting Man, the 216th in popularity Marvel hero, Men in Black: The Invaders from Planet Mmumph or Taken 8.

The Gorgeous Carole Laure plays the Miss World of 1984 who wins the contest of the most beautiful hymen, and as 1st prize she gets
to marry a billionaire (John Vernon) and in Amsterdam a strange river boat with a big sculpture head of Karl Marx is loaded with candy.
The captain of the ship is Anna Planeta (Anna Prucnal) a murderer and the leader of a Sex-Primal Scream-Scat Collective, and with
the seaman Love Bakunin (Pierre Clementi).

New digital transfer overseen by the director, interview with Dusan Makavejev (in english 22 minutes, 2006), interview with film professor
Dina Iordanova (in english, 20 minutes), from French 1979 TV where polish singer and actress Anna Prucnal sings the melody from
the film with a text by Pasolini ur filmen till text av Pasolini and tells us of she was banned from Poland after the movie, Booklet with text

Picture ratio 1.66:1, english mono audio, serbo-croatian, french (and some italian and spanish too) with english subtitles

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