The Survivor (1981)

US Severin Blu-ray edition

Why did the plane crash? Did it crash? Who's the woman? The Mystery of a pilot walking out from a crash-site firestorm
unscathed and as the only survivor. A fine obscure (for me that is as i've never heard of The Survivor) aussie horror-mystery
with nice cinematography and a sometimes disturbing soundtrack, and directed by brit David Hemmings. The latter eternally
famous for his role in .... Blow .... something Up? NO, for his role as musician Marcus Daly in the giallo
Deep Red naturally.

The film starts with a woman staring up against the sky and acting nervously, hearing unpleasant sounds of people in death
agonies. She's played by actress Jenny Agutter, and not that well, and the place is Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.
Maybe my favourite place on earth with it's warm dry climate, nice people, amazing fauna and start point for excursions to the
Eden of Kangaroo Island and the beautiful Flinders Ranges. Yeah, some wine district valley too if you're into that.
Then an airplane, a big Boeing 747, with pilot David Keller (Robert Powell, good) crashes just after start in a catastrophe
where everyone dies in the following fire inferno at the crash-site, all except the pilot David, who walks out of the chaos un-
harmed. He doesn't remember anything about what happened in the cockpit after take-off and he feels guilt about being The
Survivor. Why did the plane crash and who's the mysterious woman that felt the crash coming?

Joseph Cotten? Nooo, this great actor who once acted in some of the greatest films ever made, The Orson Welles classics
and Carol Reed's masterpiece The Third Man, here plays a priest in a very, very very small and totally unnecessary part.
And i thought his portrayal of torture happy baron Otto van Kleist in the 1972 Baron Blood was a let-down. But, in the
interview extra he obviously took this role as an excuse to take his wife on a holiday to beautiful Australia.

As with the other US Severin blu-ray i watched recently (Wild Beasts) i couldn't find any information about the ratio format
but it should be widescreen something, with an english LPCM 2.0 stereo audio.
Extras: Not Quite Hollywood: extended interview with producer Anthony I. Ginnane and cinematographer John Seale (22
minutes), The Legacy of James Herbert (9 minutes about the british Stephen King), Robert Powell on James Herbert (3 min),
Archive TV Special on location with interviews with Joseph Cotten, Peter Sumner and Ralph Cotterill (30 minutes), Archive
TV interview with David Hemmings (15 minutes, and he was very sympathetic), Anthony Ginnone trailer reel, Extended
final scene and a TV spot


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