Survival of the Dead (2012)

Swedish Blu-ray

Text below written 2016-02-20

The Apocalypse on Plum Island

Yet another part in the soon half-a-century ongoing George Romero Zombie Saga, and sadly Not a very popular one.
Is this his 5th or 6th entry, i don't know as i haven't seen a Romero Zombie film since i saw his Day of the Dead some
time in the 1980's. I thought this film was quite enjoyable and beautifully photographed in crisp autumn colors, even though
the ending on Plum Island was a bit outdrawn and too much western-esque with the 2 irish gangs shooting it out.

But the intro and the gang of 5's (4 soldiers and a boy) journey on the mainland to a Delaware port and a zombie-infested
car-ferry had some intense and suspenseful scenes. Kenneth Welsh played the irish captain Patrick O'Flynn in a charismatic
way, the soldiers were likeable, Janet/Jane played by Kathleen Munroe was beautiful in a somewhat strange way (just as
actress Jennifer Carpenter is, who i always gape at fully entranced when watching the TV series Limitless) but the islanders
otherwise were a bit boring .... yeah, the living ones as the zombie ones had a decent make-up.

The Film starts on an island outside Delaware, Plum Island, where 2 US-Irish families/clans, the Muldoon's and the O'Flynn's
fight each other over how to solve the Island's escalating Living Dead problem. Patrick O'Flynn (Kenneth Welsh) and his men
wants to kill the undead but Seamus Muldoon's (Richard Fitzpatrick) gang wants to keep them undead and locked in a safe
way for a possible future solution to the Zombie virus problem. So, The Muldoon's win and the rougish Patrick O'Flynn has to
leave the island with some of his men. Next: We follow a gang of ex-soldiers led by the Sarge (Alan Van Sprang) trying to
stay alive on the mainland. Now "free-lancers" .... robbers, they seek the possible refuge on an island, on .... Plum Island.

Plum Island by Nelson DeMille

Here, i just have to rave a bit about the Great crime novel from 1997 by Nelson DeMille taking place on the Real Plum island.
The almost mythical Plum Island outside of New York. The island on which US had it's secret experimental Lab 257 for the
making of bacteriological weapons, and for which they used their "friend" - Nazi scientist and war criminal Erich Traub.
Obviously Nazis can be handy sometimes. A modern myth says that Traub's experiments on ticks, using them as infested
weapons has caused the world wide spread Lyme disease (Borrelia på svenska) as the first cases may have been found on the
nearby mainland. A quite plausible theory as birds easily could've transported some infested ticks there.

Back to the film now:
It was Good, but not very good as the ending on the island was disappointing. The effects were poor in the beginning with lots
of digital CGI stuff as the heads on the spears, bloodletting and muzzle flashes, But, the gore got better in the 2nd half with lots
of guts munching and thorn flesh as expexted in a zombie film (all since Dawn of the Dead) when the hordes of living dead attacks.
My favourite scene: On the car ferry when a zombie still in it's car drives back and forth, back and forth without getting nowhere,
with some remembrance of how to drive a car left as a reflex after the apocalypse, a bit sad and tragi-comical.
widescreen 2.35:1, english DTS-HD with swedish subs, no extras

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