US Anchor Bay unrated DVD edition

Fun haunted house horror with witches and some well made gore. A witch is executed in 1692 and her death then "today" (well
in 1982 anyway) causes a lot of deaths to take place in and in the proximity of a brand new house ..... (sorry, only kidding) in the
proximity of an old house, naturally.

Two teenagers enters the house and they die in a Microwave oven and in a guillotine window. The Church who owns the house
permits an old lady and her idiot son to look after the house, and the young priest David (James Houghton) is looking into the
history of the house when a burnt-out priest and his family, a wife, a son and two teenage daughters, are about to move into
the house. Yes, fodder for the gore effects are needed, and a lot of violent deaths is about to take place .... in the House of Death.
A Driller Kill with a Priest is specially memorable, and someone has to deal with the witch.

Anamorphic widescreen 1.85:1, english mono audio, trailer

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