Sunset in my Home Town (Byeonsan / Show me the Home Town, 2018)

Hak-su (Park Jung-min) and Sun-mi (Kim Go-eun)

Korean Megabox 2019 DVD edition

A fine South Korean indie drama with some comedy and melodrama about the Seoul failed rapper Kim Hak-su AKA Simbbuk
(played by Park Jung-min) who year after year has tried to become a member of some Idol type of TV show for rapper artists.
Now on it's 6th season Hak-su has failed to be chosen every year and he's looked upon as some old failed rapper.
He survives by working part-time jobs and he's originally a country boy, coming from Buan in northern South Korea. One day
he gets a phone call telling him that his father has got a stroke and lies in the hospital. He despises his father, a bum and maybe
even a gangster and who ignored Hak-su and his mother when he was small and lived in Buan.

Hak-su is overwhelmed by grief when he raps about his mother, whose grave he hasn't visited for 10 years, and he returns home.
That also means "The Return to Baeksan High" as he doesn't only have to visit his father but also meet his old school-mates.

The one who called him about his father was Jung Sun-mi (Kim Go-eun) a girl from his old class who he didn't like much,
and whose father also is hospitalized, sharing the same room with Hak-su's father. Sun-mi, the nerdy unpopular girl who
has loved him since school.
Hak-su meets his old friends .... and the non-friends too, and he has to deal with them, with his father and with his memories.
The school beauty Mi-kyung (Shin Hyun-bin) now the girlfriend of the unlikeable ex-teacher (Kim Joon-han) and the boy he
once bullied mercilessly, Yong-dae (Ko Jun) now aspiring to become the gangster thug of the little town - and he was my
favourite of the film as he stole the scenes, but Park Jung-mi was good too as the gloomy rapper.

Yes, in some parts this film do resemble the Chinese 2015 comedy super Hit "Goodbye Mr. Loser" with scenes lifted directly
from that film, as when Mi-kyung's jealous boyfriend let some goons of Yong-dae beat Hak-su up, or with the nerdy girl being
in love with the popular Hak-su (in "Goodbye Mr. Loser" it was the nerdy sports girl Ma Dongmei being in love with Xia Luo
and school beauty Qiu Ya being in love with the unlikeable A-student). This Chinese blockbuster was surely shown in Korea.
Read more about the Fun "Goodbye Mr. Loser" on my Hong Kong and China Film Page.

Koreans, chinese, japanese and thai people and others from south east asia watch each others films and listens to same pop
music (boy bands, girl bands, K pop, J pop, Mando pop, Canto pop etc.) and some watches the same porn (JAV).
They belong to the same sphere of youth culture and these youngsters will grow up to be the new leaders, and hopefully this
will be a factor to prevent any future war in eastern asia (a war that the sinking western states wants in their propaganda).

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1 ratio and with a korean DD 5.1 audio with english subtitles, region 3.
Extras without english subtitles as usual with South Korean editions: Behind the scenes, interviews (49 minutes), recording
of music with Park Jung-min, promotion footage, TV spots and a trailer
(The ending credits when all involved are dancing was fun)


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