Sudden Fury (Dirty Fred, 1975)

German Cargo Records DVD edition - region 2

This film may not be a horror, but it's prime 1970's grindhouse material, a Canadian obscure and forgotten Action Thriller Drama and it
was GREAT and shouldn't be forgotten. Fine acting performances and Dominic Hogan as Fred was surely something i will not forget
for a long time, so annoying and despicable, and .... great. Hysterical, sneaky and twisted and an unusual performance.

Fred is on a car trip with his wife Janet (Gay Rowan) in the Canadian outback (Ontario ?). He's a loser failing with every project he has
attended and now he shows Janet a place in the wilderness where he wants to build a resort hotel, and where he can buy the land
cheap. But Janet, who has inherited money, says it's a hairbrained plan and that she won't lend him any more money.

Now Fred loses it completely, he's hysterical, unstable and acts like a psycho and he starts a fight with a younger man passing by on
the road. When Janet tells him she's having an affair with another man Fred causes a car-crash. Fred crawls out of the carwreck and
leaves the badly hurt Janet to die. The young man Al (Dan Hennessey) who encountered Fred earlier drives by and sees the wreck,
tries to resque Janet and look to her wounds. Rotten creep Fred lurks around though, and he messes with Al's car so he can't drive
Janet to a hospital. Fred wants her to die so he can inherit her money and the Fred vs. Al battle escalates further and involves also
a farmer and his young wife Laura (Hollis McLaren).

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen and with english audio DD 2.0, no extras, region 2


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