St. Ives (1976)

Cool DVD cover, the germans really know how to do it

German Savoy Films DVD edition with reversible sleeve (censors mark FSK 16 on one side)

Text below written 2018-10-18

It's an OK entertaining crime thriller of the who dun'it type from the era when Charles Bronson made lots and lots of films and was on
Top of the World. Everyone loved him, just everyone and all over the world. In a short featurette featured on this German DVD the
Charles Bronson popularity is mentioned - he was popular in the US, but even more so abroad. He has some sort of integrity -
Jackie Bisset: He watches, he holds back and that makes him interesting.

Yes, a tough looking actor indeed with a minimalistic but very effective acting style. A knight taking on the battle against the Bad Guys
in an endless array of westerns, action and crime films. His face like chiselled out of a rock but when smiling friendliness peeps through
and we know he's the good guy and that the baddies will bite the dust before the film's over.

The Face - Charles Bronson and beautiful Jacqueline Bisset

In St. Ives he does NOT play a hitman or some anti-social tough loner, as a melon farmer (Mr. Majestyk 1974), a harmonica player with a
gun (Once Upon a Time in America 1968) or a man seeking revenge for his family's death (Death Wish series), but the mild-mannered
ex-crime reporter and now author Raymond St. Ives.

He's a bit on the skids due to an excessive gambling habit, when he's hired to act as an middle-man in a blackmail affair. In a mansion
in Beverly Hills, LA, some rich people has lost some journals in a burglary, and they are willing to pay 100 000 USD in ransom to get
them back. Ray is about to leave the money at a certain place, a laundry, but finds a dead man stuck in the tumbler.
Then he is attacked by a gang of killers (including a young Robert "Freddy Krüger" Englund and a ditto Jeff Goldblum, a rapist bum
in Death Wish also, if i remember correctly) and he starts to sleuth around to know why the journals are so valuable.

St. Ives is a perfectly OK crime movie of the who dun'it type, and Charles Bronson's presence makes it entertaining. I'm not sure if i
have seen Bronson in a movie like this before, a crime mystery, but it was interesting. As Ray he's quite tough but he's not exploding
into violence. There is some violence and death's but otherwise this film could've been made for TV.

Otherwise John Houseman is good as the old man, Jackie Bisset is beautiful and Elisha Cook, Jr. the legend in a very small part

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen 1.85:1 with an english audio 1.0 DD Extra: original trailer and a 4 min featurette


Charles Bronson 1921-2003, mining worker, WW2 soldier, early role 1953 in the Vincent Price classic horror House of Wax, then a lot
of westerns, TV work and gangster movies. Big break in The Magnificent Seven 1960, The Dirty Dozen 1967 and unforgettable as
Harmonica in the 1969 Sergio Leone masterpiece Once upon a time in America. Violent City 1970, Death Wish 1974, Mr. Majestyk 1974

My 2 Favourite Charles Bronson movies:

1. Once Upon a Time in the West, 1969 Direction: Sergio Leone

May be the best western ever made and Bronson as Harmonica is great as the silent stranger. The Morricone soundtrack with the
Harmonica theme reaching it's crescendo when we get to see what happened him could be the most powerful ever on film.
read more about the film further down on my Cult & Classics page 2

2. Violent City / Citta violenta 1970 Direction Sergio Sollima

Yet again with a fantastic score by Morricone. Read more about the film on my Giallo & Eurocrime page 1

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