Stereoblood (Odino Chestvokrovi, 2002)

Russian DVD edition

Text written 2021-08-24

YES! A Russian Giallo made by a young director and crew obviously being big fans of this Italian Cultmovie genre. A Neo-Giallo
psychological crime movie really that is a somewhat mixed affair. The good parts:

It's very atmospherical with great crisp gialloesque cinematography from James Gucciardo and a fine soundtrack from Konstantin
Smirnov that sometimes sounds ambient and sometimes delightfully Goblinesque , the opening elevator stabbing murder is brutal
and obviously inspired by Argento and/or De Palma, and finally ... Ingeborga Dapkunaite is beautiful and pretty good as the be-
wildered Maria Karlovna. The film takes place in winter and instead of a Cronenberg Ontario we have a wintry gloomy Moscow.

The Bad Parts: The film is not very suspenseful or well directed, or well written, story and script. But all in all Not Bad. Interesting.

Ingeborga Dapkunaite

Born in 1963 she's a famous and popular actress with a massive filmography and acted i.a. in 1994 "Burnt by the Sun" by Nikita
Mikhalkov and 2008 "Morfiy"by Aleksey Balabanov (my favourite russian filmdirector; read more about this film on my Russian
Filmpage), and she also acted in international filmproductions.

A serial killer is on the loose in a wintry Moscow and in the films opening a woman walks home and is stabbed to death by a
blackclad killer in an elevator. An elevator murder scene that makes you think of early Argento or Brian De Palma's "Dressed to Kill"
and later the director throws in a Spit Screen too (in a possible homage to BDP).

Masha, Maria Karlovna (Dapkunaite) works as a project manager at a medical research lab where a new pharmaceutical fertility drug
is about to be released, F-269. The company has got German backing and it's very important that everything goes smoothly.
But, Masha's husband has been missing for some time and she is depressed and tries to figure out why he left her and she's in a
bad state of mind. The management of the Pharma company is worried, and so is her colleague Mr. Volsky (Yuriy Gosha Kutsenko)
who has carried the work on F-269 and covered for her.

She believes someone is spying on her from the house opposite to her and she has suffered a trauma. Is there a connection between
the serial killings and her and what could it be ? Is her husband alive, and if so why is he gone ?
It's like a mix of Argento, De Palma and Cronenberg and that sounds cool, but the ending was a let down, not very exciting.

The DVD presents the film in fullscreen 4:3 and with russian audio 5.1 and english subtitles. Region 1 and 5
Extras without subtitles:
Trailers other films, interview with the young director and with other guys, maybe scriptwriter and with actors/actresses, interview
with composer Konstantin Smirnov, biographies


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