Steel and Lace (1991)

US Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray edition - Region A


Trashy B Sci-Fi but great fun and with some pretty cool gore. A Female revenge thriller also.
How come even the trashiest low budgeted B movie from the 1970's-1980's, and yes even the 1990's, are so much better than the
orgy of awful CGI trash made today as: The Woke Transformers, The Woke Legion of Justice vs. The Terrible Creatures that
Menstruates or The Woke Stinking Hobbits featuring The Farting Dwarfs vs. The Unwoke Orchs Saga etc and fucking etc.

Intro: A Female pianist, Gaily (Clare Wren) has been raped and in the following trial against the main perp Daniel Emerson (Michael
Cerveris) and his 4 buddies they give him a false alibi for the time of the rape and he's freed. A desperate Gaily commits suicide
by jumping from a roof, and her scientist brother Albert (Bruce Davison) is suffering bad grief as they were very close.

Above: Reversible cover

5 Years Later: Rapist Emerson is running a Properrty Development business with his 4 buddies as employees, he builds shopping
malls after forcing elderly people out of their homes, so he's still a slimeball.
One of the gang members, Craig, is picked up by a sexy blonde and they go to a Love Motel to have sex. But when they start to
make out the girl suddenly tears off her face-mask and turn into Cyborg Gaily, who kills him with a big drill coming out of her belly
and .... 4 to go. There are some cool death scenes as when Norman (Brian Backer, i just knew him from somewhere and Yes, he was
Alfred the nerd in his film debut, the epic 1981 slasher "The Burning") and gets his head chopped off by Chopper rotorblades,
or the transformation of agent Spoon. Investigating the gory murders are police detective Dunn (David Naughton) and the Court
room sketch artist, Alison (Stacy Haiduk).

The film is presented in it's original fullscreen 4:3 ratio (or in a widescreen ratio) and with an english DTS-HD MA 2.0 stereo audio
and with english subtitles. The film was made for TV and Home Video and shot in LA and therefore the fullscreen.
Extras: Audio commentary by director Ernest Farino, The Elements of Steel and Lace: 58 minutes Making of with cast and crew

Please Note: REGION A


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