Star Vehicle (2010)

US Unearthed Films 2021 DVD edition region 1


A gory slasher horror from the infamous canadian director Ryan Nicholson, the man behind the delightfully sick
slasher "Gutterballs" from 2008 (text in swedish about this retro looking horror on my Horror Film page 2).
Sadly Nicholson born 1971 passed away in 2019 and no more films from his alternative production company
Plotdigger Films. This film is far from being as good or .... eeeh entertaining, as Gutterballs, but it's gory and
nasty and the perp in the main role (Dan Ellis) was extremely unlikeable and ugly. Is that good or bad ?

Donald Cardini (Dan Ellis) works as a driver and he's really bad with people that annoys him the slightest.
Obnoxious youngsters should not make him irritated, but in the intro they do and suffer the consequences.
Don are hired to drive lowbudget a filmmaking crew and actors between their lodge and the shooting location
out in the woods. Besides being a psychopatic killer he's also a film buff and he's delighted when he becomes
the personal driver of screamqueen Riversa Red (Sindy Faraguna) but soon he starts to kill again.

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1 with english audio DD 2.0.
Extras: Audio commentary with director Ryan Nicholson and lead actor Dan Ellis, On the set of Star Vehicle,
Behind the wheel of Bleading Lady, Making of Star Vehicle, Make up students + acting students, Deleted
scenes, Alternate opening, Splatterfest at the Plaza Theatre, Photo Gallery and a Trailer