Sputnik (2020)

US IFC - Shout Factory ! 2021 Blu-ray edition

Text written 2021-08-24

Russian film Rocks ! I'm living in Stockholm, Sweden and I would love to have a Cinema here that showed new Russian film as the Russians
are doing it so well with also their entertainment commercial movies (and not just their cineaste artmovies) as action, sci-fi, fantasy and WW2
films. Yes, services as Netflix do show some of these Russian films and TV series on streaming video, but in a good old Cinema theatre too.
I would also love if there were Cinema theatres in Stockholm (and in other citys in Sweden) that showed new Chinese film and Bollywood film.
Both Russia and China could surely afford it if they sponsored this cultural type of events. Yes, i know, due to the actual geo-political situation
in the world the anti-russian and sinophobe propaganda probably would be harsh, but a new multipolar world is a-coming, so ....

The Film:

The year is 1984 and a Russian space capsule with 2 cosmonauts is un-docking from the space station Orbit 4, and they are happy to return to
Earth. But, something has bumped into them and is trying to get into their space capsule and radio contact with Earth is lost.
The capsule lands in Kazakhstan and a local finds it, with one cosmonaut dead and the other one bleeding but alive. The dead one with his
helmet drilled into and his head ripped off.

In Moscow a female doctor in Psychiatry, Doctor Tatiana Yurievna Klimova (a very fine Oksana Akinshina) is questioned by the Health Ministry
after using too experimental and un-ethical methods in treating a patient, and she is dismissed.
But a Military, Colonel Semiradov (Fedor Bondarchuk) offers her a new job. To join him at his research facility in Kazakhstan and help him with a
case of neuro-psychiatry, a man suffering from partial amnesia, and the man being the surviving cosmonaut Commander Konstantin Veshnyakov
(Pyotr Fyodorov).

She has a conversation with the man but he's uncooperative and won't give her any answers of what happened in the space capsule. Tatiana is
planning to return to Moscow the next day, BUT then the Colonel shows her why she really was brought there. An Alien creature lives inside
the cosmonaut and every night it crawls out from his mouth shifting in it's size from 30 cm to 1,5 meter. It lives in symbiosis with the man and
her task would be to somehow separate them with the cosmonaut surviving the process. The truth is worse than she could imagine though

Highly recommended sci-fi horror thriller action and with a surprisingly great looking alien creature. Maybe on Netflix, but i'm not sure.
The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen 2.40:1 ratio and with a russian audio DTS-HD MA 5.1 (or in english dub) with english subtitles,
only a trailer as extra. REGION A Blu-ray


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