Split Second (Killer Instinct, 1992)

German Digidreams Studios Blu-Ray edition

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Text below written 2016-09-28

A Trashy but very enjoyable Sci-Fi crime horror action directed by Tony "The Burning" Maylam and with Good
Old Rutger Hauer in it as a Loose Cannon Cop chasing a serial killer in the oh-so distant future London of 2008.
Rutger Rules, as always. There's some good make-up effects in the gory injuries to the victims and Cattrall takes
a shower. Ian Dury of 1970's British rock fame (Hit me with your rhytm stick) plays a nightclub manager.
The Nobel Prize of Litterature awarded script says the following:

Due to the Global Warming there has been 40 days of intense raining and London in the year 2008 is partially sub-
merged under water and the pollution/smog makes day become night. (Aha, there were global warming discussion
already in 1992, i have forgotten that, interesting ... somewhat).

The Suspended hard-boiled crime cop Harley Stone (Hauer) is chasing the serial killer that killed his police buddy
3 years earlier. The killer hits when there's a full moon and with un-human strength rips out his victims hearts.
Now, the Fullmoon Killer strikes again and murders a woman in a nightclub, rips out her heart, partially devours it
and send it as a present to detective Stone.
Stone is maniacal about finding the killer and he's not happy at all when he's getting a new partner in serial killer
profile expert Dick Durkin (Neil Duncan), an office cop not used to being on the field. Yes, the Buddy coupling,
that we haven't seen before ever in a crime movie, never ever ....

Will there be an end battle Cops vs. Killer and will Kim Catrall show her boobs? Our greatest minds are figuring
these questions out and a Stephen Hawking press conference is announced.
Enjoyable trash? Yes! Blade Runner Meets Alien? Eeeee, not really but maybe in Tony Maylam's dreams
widescreen 1.77:1, english (and german) audio 5.1. Trailers, teasers and picture galleries as extra

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