Spider (1991)

US Mondo Macabro Blu-ray edition

Text below written 2018-01-15

Aaaah, i love Mondo Macabro, may they live forever. I've no idea how MM can still doing business as all of the other US DVD
(and Blu-ray companies) with similar outputs has bitten the dust, but luckily they do. Finding interesting films from, for us Hollywood
spoon-fed westerners, "odd" movie-countries as Latvia, The Philippines, Indonesia, Greece etc. Great work and thank you guys at MM.
Maybe the films aren't that good in the "normal" sense, but almost always interesting. Exciting cultural in-put from "new" film territories.

This Latvian film from 1991, and the only Latvian film i've ever seen, is an arty horror-drama about a young teenage girl, Vita (played by
Aurelija Anuzite, 18 years old during filming says the director in the interview). Not a good actor at all, but she looks stunning with her
red hair and porcelain skin, like she had walked out of a Franz Hals painting or something, she's exquisite.

Vita attends some church-school and to do a painting for the church the middle-aged artist demands that Vita will pose for him. She visits
him at his studio, a strange place filled with weird objects and nude models and even more bizarre paintings. Paintings that come to life
in some impressive hallucinatory scenes and with visuals like something hellish from the mind of dutch 15th century painter Hieronymus
Bosch. The visit worsens Vita's nightmares and epileptic seizures and a Doctor suggests a change of scene.

Vita is sent to her aunt who lives in a castle on an island in the sea, the Baltic Sea. It's summer and now follows some idyllic summer scenes
with the girl strolling around and taking a bath (and yes, she's a real redhead ... yeah, yeah, i'm a pervert, so what!).
But, her spider problem has followed her and a trashy finale is about to conclude this film.
Film presented in 1.37:1 with russian audio PCM stereo and english subtitles. Extras: Interview with director Vasili Mass (32 minutes, 2017,
in russian with subs) and a On set TV report 3 minutes, various Mondo Macabro trailers. Region ALL

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