Special Delivery (Teuksong, 2022)

Hong Kong Edko Films Ltd. DVD edition , region 3


A pretty enjoyable if quite generic Crime Action about a young Busan girl Eun Ha (Park So-dam) working as a Special Delivery
driver for the Baekgang Company. She delivers crashed cars scrap metal and also delivers "anything" others won't take.
When doing a late special delivery she drives two shady looking men, probably mobsters and when a rivalling gang turn
up this leads to a high speed car chase and she really shows her driving abilities á la "Baby Driver" or "The Transporter".

The rumour about her racing abilities spreads and when Kim Du-shik, a game-fixer under boss Cho/Jo Kyung Pil (Song Sae-byeok),
is planning to leave Seoul and South Korea with his boss money he hires her to transport him and his little son through Seoul.
The psychopathic gangster boss Cho is hunting for Du-shik and all his men are on high alert.
Eun Ha can't save her client and gets involved with the nasty gangster boss when she saves Du-shik's son, and she returns to
Busan seeking the help of her colleagues in the Baekgang Company. She's stuck with a kid and chased by a horde of criminals.

Film in widescreen anamorphic with korean audio 5.1 DD and with english subtitles, Theatrical trailer and a gallery


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