Sovvagnsmorden (Mördaren - En helt vanlig person / Der Schlafwagen mörder, 1967)

German Shamrock Media 2020 DVD edition region 2 - Reversible sleeve without FSK sticker

Numbered copy No. 157


An obscure 1967 Arne Mattsson crime thriller in black & white about murders on a Swedish inland train (Inlandsbanan Stockholm-Narvik ?).
Someone is throwing young women off from the night train (sovvagns-tåget) and Whodunit?
The good part of this film is the atmosphere, a cold midsummer night where everyone is freezing, Sweden with it's light summer night and

with birds singing as if it was daytime. The Bad part that you knew who the killer was very early on in this film, already in the intro.

The film is based on a script by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö and with music by Georg Riedel and with fine actors as Allan Edwall, Heinz
Hopf and Erik Hell. The perp is dressed in black with raincoat and black gloves and just about everyone is a suspect.
Some sleaze in it too with nudity provided by Ewa Strömberg.

Film in 4:3 fullscreen with swedish audio DD 2.0, Numbered copy, German trailer, some other trailers. Region 2 DVD