Somewhere in the Night (1946)

UK 20th Century Fox DVD edition

Fine if slightly overstrung B noir, and that's a good thing for a Film Noir film to be, B-ish and delightfully overstrung, i love it!
Yeah, OK, this crime mystery is directed by the A director Joseph L. Mankiewicz

John Hodiak (who i hadn't seen before) is good as a neurotic injured WW2 soldier returning home from Hell in the Pacific to
re-start his old life. Not that easy to do though as he's suffering from amnesia, the beloved plot vehicle around this time in
Hollywood and also so in the writings of pulp fiction crime master Cornell Woolrich, and he starts looking for his own identity.

The clues are leading him to a supposedly vanished friend of his, Larry Cravat, and when he starts looking for Larry he suddenly
finds himself to be followed and beaten up by unknown men, and visited by the prostitute Phyllis.
What's behind all this then? A lost bag or suitcase with Nazi money could be the reason to the goings on, and besides that he
starts to believe that he himself could be a murderer.
Will he survive this strange business and will he getting it on with the Hot nightclub-singer Christy (Nancy Guild)?
A nightclub-singer with a husky voice, amnesia, a bag of money, check, check, check, but where's the genre staple Flashback?

The script was co-written by i.a. Mankiewicz and Lee Strasberg and sometimes it felt a bit too literary for my taste, too many
highbrows involved with the script could be detrimental for a Film Noir, slowing things up and making it boring, and i prefer them
to be dirty, dark, desperate and romantic (yes, that could be the epitome of Cornell Woolrich's writing).
On the other side, the positive one, this film has it's moments of slightly hysterical melodrama, as the meeting between John
Hodiak's George and Josephine Hutchinson's Elizabeth, a special scene somehow.

Presented in 4:3 fullscreen originalratio mono english audio with english subtitles and a trailer


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