Skräcken har 1000 ögon (1970)

Swedish Klubb Super 8 DVD edition


A priest, Sven (Hans Wahlgren) and his beautiful wife Anna (Anita Sanders/Anita Johannesson) returns to their vicarage villa in Resele,
a small village situated somewhere in Norrland, the northern part of Sweden, after a vacation. It's late winter with snow turning into sleet,
grey weather and just depressing, the long Swedish winter never ends.
And, this bleak atmosphere caught by the cinematographer/cinematographers is one of the few good things with the movie, it brings some
atmosphere to the happenings, but not much else was good unfortunately. An uncoherent poorly written script and a slow pace ruins it.

Maybe i fell asleep at times, i'm not sure, but i never got why Anna was depressed when returning home from the vacation. Anyway, she's
depressed and has got nervous problems. To cheer her up Sven invites a friend of the family (maybe, i'm not sure), Hedvig (played by Solveig
Andersson) to keep Anna company while he works as the parish priest.
But, for some reason Hedvig is a Black witch and uses voodoo and spells to hurt and even to kill people in the village. WHY? I have no idea
as the film doesn't tell us why, but maybe just because she can ? Hedvig scares Anna with spookery stuff and hurts her with sorcery but then
changes her mind and instead has sex with both Sven and Anna. Finally she tops it off with being burned alive in the villa, great fun or not ?

Well, this way we get to see the beautiful actresses Sanders and Andersson Nude, a lot and full frontal, and that's something i guess and
probably the real reason for this film being made, to be exported to the continent and overseas (maybe with added nude footage) and bring in
the money. But, in the extras we're told that Wickman lived in Resele as a youngster and that there was actual spookery going on in the
vicarage villa, so maybe it's a combination of both, a Swedish Ghost Story with Black Magic with some erotica added to the proceedings.

So, cudos to Torgny Wickman for trying to make something this unusual in Swedish Film, and his effort shouldn't be laughed at. The film
was entertaining to watch, if a bit slow and with an unfathomable story.

The acting was below par with the exception of some smaller roles that had fine older actors. In a very small role as a man working for the
parish we can see legendary 1950's director Arne Ragneborn (Det händer i natt; read more about this masterpiece on Cult & classics page 2).
Beautiful Anita Sanders was used to taking her clothes off on film and had a career of sexy roles in Italian film, and Solveig Andersson also
had acted nude in films before.

Klubb Super 8 present this film in ratio 1.66:1 with a Swedish audio in DD stereo and the picture quality was decent.
Extras: Cut scenes, Bolmört i mitt öra (interviews with i.a. Torgny's producer and with his second wife Klinga, 9 minutes), even more cut scenes
(16 minutes without sound), stills (5 minutes), behind the scenes images (9 minutes), scenography and props, biographies and trailers


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