US Criterion DVD edition

An early De Palma but one of his better films and the first great one, and with this De Palma started his Golden Era, when every film
he made just blew your mind and it lasted until 1984 approx. Then he went mainstream with "The Untouchables" and the magic was
over. Wow, did he dazzle one with his thrillers the visual fireworks of his just exploded in front of you, The Brian De Palma Magic.

Sisters is a visually gorgeous thriller with what would later be his personal sign, split screen, dream sequences and voyerism with
peeping through binoculars, and a feeling of paranoia (almost bordering to Cronenberg territory).
Danielle Blancheon (Margot Kidder) is a Canadian model and actress who dates one of the participants in a Hidden Camera show,
Philip (Lilse Wilson) and takes him home for some after-date lovemaking. But, she has an ex-husband (De Palma regular William Finley)
who watch them, and a mentally disturbed Siamese twin sister, Dominique (also Kidder naturally) and Danielle has just won a bunch
of new sharp steak knives .... this couldn't end well.

Anamorphic widescreen 1.85:1, mono, text sheet, a text interview with Brian De Palma, an article about Siamese twins, stills poster/actors

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