Sissy (2022)

US RLJE Films - Shudder 2023 DVD edition - region all


Australian drama horror splatter and dark comedy that i somewhat liked, even though it after a good start
turned into unhinged violent mode. It was interesting and satirical of the Internet-social media phenomena
of "influencers" and the actress who played Cecilia, Aisha Dee, was very good.

Cecilia/Sissy has a social media channel with 200 000 followers where she learns people of how to reach
serenity. But Cecilia is really far from tranquillity even though she tries to sort of self-medicate. We get to
understand that she has had suffered some traumatic moments in her childhood.
A girl named Alex bullied her mercilessly ... "Sissy the Sissy" and then stole her best friend Emma, and this
ended in a tragedy, explained to us later in the film.

As a grown-up Cecilia suddenly meets Emma (Hannah Barlow, also co-producer) again. Emma invites Cecilia
to spend the weekend with her and her 3 friends. Sissy is insecure and a bit shy and when she understands
that Alexandra (Emily De Margheriti) is the one who owns the weekend house we understand that the
weekend probably won't end very well.
The film turns into a gory splatter comedy and somewhat reminds me of "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil" where
people dies in strange accidents

The film is presented in 2.39:1 widescreen and with english audio 5.1 and english subtitles.
Extras: Director's audio commentary, Interview with the director, Behind the scenes photo gallery, Trailer