Shusho Kusensen Ijonashi (1991)

Hong Kong Universe DVD

Yuji Oda as Ohara and Emi Wakui as Yoko

Text below written 2016-12-07

A forgotten but enjoyable drama-comedy from 1991 about the stressful situation that arises for students about to
finish school - the problem of finding a job. Hordes of hopeful students flock the most popular companies for
interviews and questioning and TV stations at the top of them can really pick and choose.
Recruiters try to trick the hopeful with nasty questions. Recruiters .... Yuck! Japan was many years ahead of us
here in Sweden regarding this phenomena i guess and today recruiters, staffing companies are doing the dirty work
for just about every company that wants to employ somebody. Most often arrogant and unpleasant people with an
almost fascist attitude against anyone over 40 years of age. Yes, i'm bitter and out of work now and then ...

This film is about 4 friends from school: Takeo Ohara (Yuji Oda), Osamu Tachikawa (Koji Matoba), Kitamachi
and Mariko (Nobuko Sendo) and their experiences when seeking jobs. Ohara don't take it too seriously, he's an
easy-going guy who likes to play baseball, and he's popular with the girls. Yeah, the classic romantic stuff, when
his schoolmate Mariko is in love with him but he doesn't notice, instead he's dating the TV station employee Yoko
Akiyama (played by cute Emi Wakui). He's a lucky guy but he just can't get a taxi, they ignores him, a fun gag.

Ohara happily bungles up his interviews, Kitamachi has got a job in his family's business, Mariko is already working
part-time as a journalist for a paper and Tachikawa gives up seeking the cool jobs, resigns and takes a job in the
Food Industry. Ha, ha, The Food Industry that with any means tries to lure the unwilling youths into their firms.
Will Ohara start working in Tachikawa's food firm too, and which girl will get him ?
Nice and unjustly forgotten film with good actors, especially Yuji Oda perhaps.
Letterbox aspect ratio as on all older Hong Kong editions, japanese audio 2.0 with english subtitles