Shippu Rondo (2016)

Hong Kong CN Entertainment Ltd. DVD edition

Enjoyable ski action comedy taking place in a Japanese ski resort when research scientist Kazuyuki Kuribayashi (Hiroshi Abe) has to
go skiing to find out where a biological weapon is hidden, and a lot of people in the resort are involved in the hunt for dangerous stuff.

A disgruntled scientist at a University Lab has created a new Anthrax biological weapon the K-55. As this research is illegal he is sacked
by the quirky director of the institute, Mr. Togo, and in a revenge act the crazed scientist hides the weapon in a popular Ski Resort, and
it will go off if he isn't payed 300 million yen. He gives them a clue to find it though, a Teddy Bear on a tree emitting a signal.
The funny director Mr. Togo (Akira Emoto) blames everything on Kuribayashi and orders him to find the resort and the weapon.

Off he goes, KK with his teenage son Shuto and there are a lot of skiing and snowboarding on the mountain. There are i.a. the Ski Patrol
man Nezu (Tadayoshi Okura), his elite snowboarder girlfriend Seri (Yuko Oshima), thieves who wants to steal the K-55 and sell it to some
foreign nation, Shuto and a local girl, local shredders, tourists and there's KK, Kazuyuki Kuribayashi who can't ski.

Film presented in anamorphic widescreen with japanese audio DD 5.1 and with english subtitles, trailer, picture gallery, region 3