Sex World (1978)

US DVD edition

This film is considered to be an absolute masterpiece of the genre. A Classic with some sci-fi vibes where a Sex theme park arranges
weekend visits with 3 days and 3 nights of sexual pleaures where your fantasies are fulfilled.
Not many erotic films could possibly be more ambitious and arty than this landmark porno, and with such legendary genre actors.

On this weekend visit we get to know some couples with a dysfunctional sex life, artist Joan (Leslie Bovee) with her husband, the
cuckolded Ralph with neurotic wife Millicent (Kay Parker), the beautiful Dale (Annette Haven) dumped by her lesbian lover and
the lonely Lisa/Candy who sells telephone sex to strangers, and she's played by the soulful and talented actress Sharon Thorpe.
The film is presented in original 4:3 ratio, mono english audio, 90 minutes, region free.

Annette Haven

Annette Haven, the beautiful hardcore film actress with her Alabaster skin and 1970's muff, a natural looking goddess from the
genre's golden era, with "real" director's and often "real" actors/actresses making the films, and on "real" film, 35 mm.
Probably hardcore actresses don't look anything like this anymore ? I guess they've grotesque swollen Duck lips, ugly silicone
balls pointing out in strange directions and against the rules of gravity, pedophile shaved below and gym deffed 6 pack bodies,
yes, as anyone else wanting to make it in showbiz today. Actresses, models, Reality TV stars, singers et al.
Young people looking like Freaks and with destroyed bodies.

The World has gone crazy and i just don't understand. Annette Haven would be Greta Garbo comp. with these poor Gargoyles