Serenade für zwei Spione (1965)

German M Square Classics 2020 DVD edition

with Heidelinde Weis on the sleeve

Great Euro 1960's Secret Agent action-comedy nonsense made in the wake of the James Bond super hits. The Euro Spy - Secret Agent genre
exploded with films in the 1960's with storys ranging from the serious to the comic one's. Me myself, i prefer the comedic one's, as this 1965
German film and co-produced with Italy, which explains the actors and actresses in this film. A fine Euro-Soup it is.
Hellmuth Lange was a german actor, Barbara Kwiatkowska-Lass was a polish actress, Heidelinde Weis is an austrian actress (she's still alive
80 years old when writing this), Dick Palmer AKA Mimmo Palmera was an italian actor and Tony Kendall was an italian actor too.

Hellmut Lange (1923-2011) plays the inept secret agent 006, and when a secret weapon Laser Rifle is stolen by the US Pepino Gang (led by
Tony Kendall) and the famous Agent 007 is occupied with another mission, his boss (Wolfgang Neuss) has to send the incompetent Agent
006 instead. And the rest of the film takes place in the USA and with nice location shooting in i.a. San Francisco and Las Vegas.
John Krim alias Agent 006 arrives to San Francisco and is immediately spotted by the Pepino Gang and wild chase starts through the streets
of San Francisco, but not a car-chase but a chase on foot in many familiar streets (from umpteen car-chases seen on film) and on tram.

Heidelinde Weis on the cover of the included booklet

John Krim then goes to Las Vegas to look for a contact and he meets a cute blonde, Tamara (Barbara Lass) and they return to San Francisco,
she goes back to Las Vegas, and instead he meets another girl, the hotel-maid Goldfeather (Heidelinde Weis) and she brings him a bread bun
with a bomb in it. It seems as the Pepino gang is still at it.
Back to Vegas where he will meet FBI agent Cormoran (Dick Palmer) and again the blonde girl Tamara. The first time John Krim arrived to Las
Vegas he entered on a bicycle but this time he lands with a small sport-plane on the main street (and gets ticketed by a cop).

The story jumps back & forth between San Francisco and Las Vegas and the qustion Agents 006 John Krim has to ask himself are:
Is his contact with the Pepino gang dead, who's FBI agent Cormoran really working for, and what about the girls Tamara and Goldfeather ?
The Pepino gang is hiding out in a deserted Gold Rush village out in the desert where they plan to sell the Laser Rifle to some foreign power,
and in the meantime the gang members enjoy themselves with a rock-band and Go-Go dancers performing. Ha, ha, weird but cool.

The film is presented in a remastered anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1, with an english audio DD 2.0 mono (or a german audio without subtitles),
region free. Extra Booklet with text in german and pictures, Teaser trailer for the film and for the director's earlier "Die Tote von Beverly Hills"


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