Seobok (2020)

Hong Kong Edko Films Ltd. DVD edition



A Sci-Fi Thriller and a Drama with great performances from the duo Gong Yoo as Min Kin-hun and Park Bo-gum as Seobok.
This is a two-actor film as everything is about the bond developing between the security agent and the "Specimen" and i was
quite impressed by their acting and especially so by Park Bo Gum.
The film is slightly philosophical about what makes one human, it's sometimes gripping and the action scenes looked great.

The film starts with a western scientist researcher at the secret Seoin Institute, Dr. Carl Anderson, being killed by a drone
hoovering outside of his window. Is it a terrorist attack and who's behind it ?

A secret agent suffering from a brain tumour, Min Ki-hun (Gong Yoo) gets an assignment from his old boss Director Ahn
(Jo Woo-jin), a top secret subject for the security of the country. At the Seoin Institute Dr. Shin and Dr. Im (Jang Jung-nam)
explains that they have created a human looking specimen using stam cells. A cloned new species genetically manipulated,
named Seobok and a weapon with huge telekinetic powers (as Carrie in the old Brian DePalma film or Magneto in X-men.
As Dr. Anderson was killed by unknown assailants they have to move Seobok to a new secret place and agent Ki-hun is
the security. Someone wants to kill Seobok and no-one is to be trusted. A bond develops between agent and specimen.

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen with a korean DTS 5.1 or DD 5.1 audio with english subtitles.
Extras a theatrical trailer, a making of featurette and a photo gallery


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