The Sect (1991)

UK Shameless Screen Entertainment 2016 numbered 0178 Blu-ray edition

Badly written and badly acted, this mess of a film still manages to entertain due to it's strangeness. Soavi's original vision says the sleeve
but i thought it felt more Argentoesque due to Dario producing and co-writing the film. And then, post-Opera Argento, and we all know
what that means, from when he started to suck. The camera moving along the water pipes, the tunnel in the brain, the gasoline leaking
from the car wreck etc. The devil Marabu stork scene was GREAT though, what an impressive animal, undisputedly the Star of this movie.

So, OK, this satanism horror was pretty funny to watch due to it's weird scenes. Everything about the devil worshippers sucked and was
boring though, Herbert Lom going around mumbling, the bad acting satan biker Tomas Arana and the stiff Kelly Curtis - Zzzzzzzz.
But the white rabbit changing channels using the remote, Mariangela Giordano and the rapist devil Marabu stork were great.

Mariangela Giordano

Well ... in a minor role there's the one and only, the amazing Mariangela Giordano, once in the 1950's a beauty queen and a filmstar in Peplum
movies (Hercules films; in swedish typ Herkules vs. Knäckebrödsfolket) and then from 1979 to 1996 legendary B movie horror actress.
Always willing to do full frontal nudity, even when reaching 60 as in Jess Franco's Killer Barbys in 1996 (Giordano were born in 1937).
With the 1979 Giallo a Venezia and the 1980 Burial Ground and Patrick Still Lives she reached immortality.
Forever in the Horror Hall of Shame with Peter Bark eating her breast and the pole in the vagina scene in the latter film.
Here in La Setta she plays Catherine, a teacher colleague to Kelly Curtis and yet again shows full frontal nudity, if briefly, as a corpse.
What a MILF she was and she should've had a bigger role instead of the boring (if beautiful) sister of Jamie Lee




In the intro of the film a group of hippies are attacked and slaughtered by satanist worshippers, led by Damon (Tomas Arana) and
this to A Horse with No Name by America played on the soundtrack, great song and a huge hit everywhere.

21 years later, in Frankfurt, Germany, Giovanno Lombardo Radice, the cult actor from Cannibal Ferox, House at the Edge of the Park
etc. etc., attacks and kills a woman and cuts out her heart, then shoots himself. Supposedly he's a sect member of some devil cult.
Another Italian horror cult actor, the great Donald O'Brien from countless spaghetti westerns, Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals,
Zombie Holocaust, Immagini di un Convento, Il Sesso della strega etc. can be seen on the TV warning about satanism cults.

Somewhere in the German countryside a clueless and naive woman, the school teacher Miriam (Kelly Curtis) gives a lift to an old
man (Herbert Lom) and takes him home. Surely she can trust and manage such an old man. Nope, she can't.
She gets an earwig through her nose and into her brain for her troubles, because he's Moebius, the leader of the cult and she's
about to be impregnated by the Devil in the shape of an African Marabu stork. One of the strangest scenes in Horror Film.

Presented in widescreen 1.66:1 and english audio LPCM stereo or italian audio 5.1 with english subs. Numbered copy no. 178
Extra: interview with Michele Soavi (29 minutes, in english), Shameless trailer reel


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