Secta Siniestra (Bloody Sect, 1972)

US Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray and DVD 2 disc 2019 edition

YES, Spanish film rocks and especially then films from the Golden Mediterranean Era, approx. 1960's to the early 1980's, with it's spaghetti and paella
westerns, horror, police actions and gialli. Spanish horror and gialli from this golden times are my favourite films, i just love them as there's something
special about them, that unique Iberian atmosphere. I love Spain too, my fave country in the world with friendly people, great beer, beautiful women,
a lot of nice indierock bands and with a lot of regions with exciting landscapes (and my favourite among them maybe the green and lush Galicia).

Well known among filmlovers outside of Spain are Spanish genre icons as directors&actors Jesús Franco, Paul Naschy or Jacinto Molina and directors
as i.a. Jorge Grau, Juan Bosch, Bigas Luna, Juan Piquer Simon, Amando De Ossorio, Joseph Larraz, Carlos Aured, Javier Aquirre, Eugenio Martin.

But then there are the lesser known directors and actors/actresses, lesser known among non-spanish genre filmlovers that is, as Eloy de la Iglesia with
i.a. La Semana del asesino (Cannibal man, 1972) and .... Ignacio F. Iquino with this 1982 film and with his 1978 Los Violadores del amanecer.
Both directors were recommended to me by Spanish cult film lovers, aficionados of Peliculas de Terror.

Reversible sleeve to Vinegar Syndrome blu-ray and DVD edition

The Catalan King of Trash:

Ignacio F. Iquino (1910-1994) was a veteran Spanish filmmaker who between 1934 to 1984 directed 87 films and in a wide spectrum of genres. He ended
his career with making a lot of sex comedies (some with beautiful Concha Valero and Emma Quer), with this Secta Siniestra his only horror movie and
with his crime movie, the 1978 infamous Nastie Los Violadores del amanecer. The latter film a disturbingly well made crime thriller about a vicious
Barcelona gang of robbers and rapists. A film that makes you want to take a shower, no 2 showers, no 3 showers after watching it. Yuck! Read more
about this film on Horror page 2. An exploitation version of a Spanish Juvenile delinquency street crime - Raw cinema film

OK 1982 sex movie "Los Sueños Húmedos de Patrizia"

Concha Valero, the for me until recently absolutely unknown actress, ROCKS in Secta Siniestra as the evil Satanist nurse Margaret. She's tough as
nails, psychotic and really has a hate relationship with the small kid in the movie, Peter. Ha, ha, ha, she tries to catch him without succeeding.
I had actually seen her before, in the 1982 sex movie Los Sueños Húmedos de Patrizia, made by Ignacio F. Iquino also, and Valero was pretty hot
there, very hot and very bushy. I saw it on the internet somewhere and it has been released on a Spanish DVD (Cine Erotico Español).
But, i couldn't have guessed that this girl was such a great, or more accurately maybe, powerful actress as she is in Bloody Sect. I Love her, and so
does Kat Ellinger, the woman doing the audio commentary to Secta Siniestra/Bloody Sect.

Scary nurse Margaret

Frederic (Carlos Martos) is a middle-aged man who has got his crazy wife Elizabeth (Diana Conca) locked up in the attic. When Elizabeth breaks loose and
finds Frederic in bed with his lover, Helen (Emma Quer, also a gorgeous softcore sex movie actress from the Era) she attacks them and blinds poor
Frederic by poking out his eyes. Elizabeth is locked in at a mental hospital and blind Frederic marries Helen.
For some reason he's impotent and Helen is inseminated at a Fertility Clinic. But a slightly diabolic looking figure works there and soon Helen's pregnancy
turns into a painful affair and she's feels that something is terribly wrong with her . Well, nothing that serious besides ....

Spoiler pic .... sorry!

.... that a religious cult is working at the Insemination clinic and that they look to that their female clients are inseminated with the devil's sperm.

They visit Helen at home and provides her with new maid and nurse, the slightly goth looking and very stern Margaret (Concha Valero) who turns into
the boss of the house and who relegates poor Frederic to live up in the attic while she attends to Helen and looking to that nothing happens to the
unborn baby, the son of Satan. Then crazy Elizabeth escapes from the asylum and returns home and the kid of Frederic's sister, Peter, arrives too to the
annoyance of Margaret who constantly tries to chase the boy down and to kill him, and it's very funny.

This über GREAT film is very obscure and forgotten even in Spain and the woman doing the audio commentary obviously know almost nothing about
the director or the actors. Maybe the research could've been a little better perhaps. Anyway, this film is wild and funny and with very well made murder
scenes and great looking gore, nudity by Emma Quer and an outstanding performance from Concha Valero.
Concha Valero acc. to IMDB had a short intense actress career that lasted 2-3 years, born in 1958 she died too young in 2006, only 47 years old.

The Blu-ray from Vinegar presents this rarity in a very good looking widescreen 1.85:1 with a spanish audio DTS-HD MA mono or DD stereo 2.0 and
with english subtitles, region ALL and the combo DVD in region free?
Extras: an audio commentary with film historican Kat Ellinger and a promo stills gallery.

Minor complaint: They could've contacted some Spanish film freak who could've given us info about Iquino and his film legacy, and about the
actresses, Concha Valero and Emma Quer and their many roles in Spanish sex movies. Valero seems to solely have appeared in such


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