Secret Zoo (Haechijianha, 2020)

US ? Capelight DVD 9 edition



Enjoyable feel good comedy for laid-back laughs and that surely will be made in a Hollywood version .... and in a Bollywood one .... and in a ....
South Korean humour seems to be quite universal and this film would work well anywhere in the world.

Kang Tae-soo (Ahn Jae-hong) is working as a newbie attorney at the top JH Law firm and he has to bow his head a lot being lowest in rank.
One day the boss wants to talk to him, the firm has got a new client, a British Equity Group that has bought a south korean property at a low
price - The Dongsan Park, a Zoo, and JH Law Firm will be managing the Park until it can be sold with profit to some real estate company.
And now Tae-soo gets the chance of his life, his boss wants him to be a Zoo director and manage the Zoo for 3 months, making it work.
The once in a lifetime chance, being a director of a Zoo, and then maybe promoted to a higher ranked lawyer at the firm.
Kang Tae-soo is overjoyed and happily takes his new car and rushes to the respected Dongsan Park.

A Zoo director, what about that ?


Tae-soo quickly finds out however that there are NO visitors at the park, and No wild animals either. Heavy in debt the old Zoo director
Seo (Park Young-gyu) has sold off the animals and only 4 of the staff remains there working without pay.
The new director Tae-soo is determined to save the Zoo (and his future promotion within the law firm) and at first wants to buy new
animals but regulations about endangered species and such makes this impossible, and he only has 3 months to make the Zoo work.
His boss at JH Law jokingly comments to his secretary - "Maybe he can steal animals from other Zoo's".

But, as this is a feel good comedy, he gets a brilliant idea. Fake Animals !

With his staff of 4 dressed in newly made animal costumes and keeping away at a long distance from visitors, and without moving it
could work. So, with a Giant Sloth, a Lion, a Polar Bear and a Gorilla and some promotion the park can re-open for visitors.
Ha, ha, ha, funny, and at some distance the "animals" actually looks almost believable, especially the giant sloth as she (Jeon Yeo-been,
a zookeeper) only has to keep still hanging from a tree branch during open hours.

The staffs reaction to Tae-soo's plan - "Are you insane, wear animal suits ... you call this a viable plan?"
Tae-soo: "No one in this world ever thinks that there are fake animals in Zoo's".

Note: The DVD 9 edition didn't play in my regular player but worked in my computer. DVD 9 ? I'm not sure what format that is.

DVD in widescreen 2.38:1 and with korean audio DD 5.1 with english subtitles, no extras


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