Scream Queens - Season 1 (TV series, 2015)

20th Century Fox 4 disc DVD

OK, i usually (almost) never watch TV series as i feel cheated. I, and probably most of the TV viewers in the western
world, followed Twin Peaks at the beginning of the 90's and after that i saw Lost .... wow! what a great opener that show
had, a plane crash, tropical polarbears attacking and other strange stuff, but ... no! what a shitty series that turned out to be.
So, i'm very sceptical about the merits of any TV series, and this in the times of the TV series mass-hysteria hype.
Everyone seems to follow at least a couple of TV series and they talk about it endlessly, yakety yakety yak, bla bla and bla.
No. NO. I much prefer a film with a start, a middle and ... most important ... with an END to it.
No more TV series written sloppily without a clue about a proper ending as the Grand Master plans for these series are
a Season 2 and then a Season 3 etc. Just lure the fools in with some interesting stuff at the beginning, and don't bother
with any satisfying explanations to it all, just make something up in the next season ... or not, nobody remembers anyway.

So, after this nagging old-man diatribe against the TV series craze i now actually write about a TV series (an obscure such
maybe?) and it is about the nonsensical stupid, violent but funny Scream Queens. It's trashy and un-pretentious fun with a
Slasher murder mystery but also with quite a lot of smart satire of spoiled nowadays slackers, of social media and other youth
culture related matters. But, finally, the biggest reason why i watched this TV series - to be honest - were :

Chanel Oberlin, The snotty Queen of the Kappa Kappa Tau - played delightfully by Emma Roberts

She's GREAT as the rich snotty leader of the sorority house Kappa Kappa Tau at Wallace University and a true delight
to see in every scene she's in. She, Chanel Oberlin, bickers endlessly with a grating hysterical voice and call her minions,
The Chanel's, whores, sluts or such. Chanel is a rich bitch from an old New England family that came over with the May-
flower and she has entered the university for one reason, to marry a hysterically rich guy from an even older family, and he is
no-one else than the degenerate necrophiliac golfplayer male sorority guy Chad Radwell played by the funny Glen Powell.

Emma Roberts owns every scene she's in, she's annoying and nasty but also funny and sometimes even charming. She has
got some serious charisma for sure and ... she's the daughter of the very talented Eric Roberts and the niece of Julia Roberts.
Eric Roberts that threw away his career when he was about to climb to the top of the Hollywood ladder (i loved him in Andrei
Konchalovsky's Runaway Train from 1985) and then has had to act in B or even C movies for the rest of his career.
I look forward to see Emma Roberts in bigger and better roles in the future, she's so beautiful and alive.

OK, that was some Emma ranting, but the other players seems to have a good time too, especially then maybe legendary
Jamie Lee Curtis that is GREAT also as the quirky university dean. The Story:

A girl died giving birth to twins during a 1995 party at the The Kappa Kappa Tau and then the children disappeared.
20 years later a killer dressed like the University Football mascot, The Red Devil, starts to kill the girls at the sorority using
a knife, chainsaw, lawnmover and other weapons. Who's the killer ?
Chanel Oberlin has her minions in her Chanel's, Billie Lourd plays Chanel no.3 - the daughter of Charles Manson, Abigail
Breslin is Chanel no.5, Lea Michele is Chanel no.6 and Ariana Grande is Chanel no.2.
Non-bitches members of the sorority are Skyler Samuels as Grace, Keke Palmer as Zayday plus Candle girl and Lesbian.
There are lots of comedy and violence including some gore, but no nudity. This is a TV series after all so that slasher film
attribute has been omitted. Glen Powell as the degenerate old family rich guy Chad Radwell is funny too.

Scream Queens Season 1 ends great with the wrong people condemned for all of the murders, but they seem to enjoy
their new environment anyway, ha, ha, funny ending. However, the Season 2 started all over with a completely new
setting in a hospital and i'm not sure if that will work as great as season 1 did ? With Emma in it, maybe ....

This nordic 20th Century Fox dvd box has 4 discs with disc 1 episodes 1-3, disc 2 episodes 4-6, disc 3 episodes 7-10
and disc 4 episodes 11-13 and Extras: Rush Kappa! (6 min), Between 2 Queens (11 min) and Style Queens.
anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1, english audio 5.1 DD with swedish subtitles. 9 hours 30 minutes play time


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