Scorched Earth (2016-2018)

UK Signature 2018 DVD edition

OK, this is not what i hoped for favourite female fighter Gina Carano, an absolute trash B movie action, BUT after some very small parts in
some stupid blockbuster action films she at least plays the main role here. Scorched Earth is not very good though, that is the truth.
However, if you're a fan of trashy B movies and prefer watching such garbage to watching any Hollywood mainstream puke, this film will do.
For all of us that thinks life's too long and desperately wants to destroy 90 minutes of our precious lifes by watching a crappy B action.
But, HEY!, Gina is in it. OK, no decent MA or MMA type of fighting, but there are a lot of violence and stupid action to enjoy.
Yes, Gina deserves better and hopefully a great director (as Steven Soderberg in Haywire) will give her a meaty part again.

The DVD sleeve above has little to do with the actual film as there are no burning skyscrapers, collapsing motorways or helicopters.
Scorched Earth takes place after the apocalypse (maybe depicted above) and plays out like a western movie with nods to the spaghetti
western. After the catastrophe the air is polluted and dangerous to inhale, everything is toxic and the human survivors lives in small villages
resembling those in western movies. The currency is not money, but silver used in air filters to breathing masks

"Without breathing masks, your lungs get blackened in no time"

Apocalyptic Sky

Gina Carano plays the tough bounty hunter Attica Gage and she collects when delivering environmental outlaws dead or alive to the
rudimental authority there is. She's a killer though and not much different from the bad guys, a noir-western type of heroine.
She works with the ex-bounty hunter Doc (John Hannah) and he tells her about a town filled with fossile lawbreakers, run by a Thomas
Jackson (Ryan Robbles) who plans to re-open a silver mine and use kidnapped civilians as slave labour. Great plot .... eeeh, no?

Can Gage infiltrate the bad guys disguised as one of her bounties, the evil Chayo?
Filmed in British Columbia, Canada. Widescreen 1.85:1, english audio 5.1 or 2.0. No extras


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