School of Death (El Colegio de la Muerte, 1975)

US Mondo Macabro Blu-ray edition, Region all



A very obscure Spanish mid 1970's Gothic Horror with vibes of Narcisco Ibañez Serradors 1969 Girlschool murder mystery "La Residencia"
but with Norma Kastel as the brutal headmistress of a Girlschool instead of Lilli Palmer in "La Residencia". This forgotten Spanish films
best point are it's fine atmospheric cinematography by Antonio L. Ballesteros, veteran photographer which makes you forget that this film
is mild in the gore department. It's a Gothic Murder Mystery Horror that's OK but not very engaging, but the surprise ending twist was cool.
Yeah, it had a mad doctor in it too. The film was shot in Madrid and Toledo.

London 1899, The "Saint Elisabet Refuge" Orphanage, a charity institution where poor orphan girls get to live and learn to do household chores
and later to work as housemaids in rich families. "Silence", "Disciplin" and "Obedience" are the principles to follow for the girls and the very
strict headmistress Ms. Wilkins (Norma Kastel) and her underling Ms. Colton punishes the troublemakers by whipping them. Our protagonist
in this film, Leonore (Alexandra "Sandra" Mozarowsky) is disciplined by the whip early on in the film.
The only males the girls get to see is the Orphanage doctor, Dr. Brown (Dean Selmier) and he has an affair with Leonore. Silvia (Victoria Vera)
is a friend of Leonore and one of the girls and she's sent to work in a house of nice, rich and refined people but instead she's drugged and
strapped to an operating table where a monster with a disfigured face is about to operate on her.

He's the mad doctor Krueger and he lobotomizes Silvia, and other girls before her, making her into a zombie (i've forgotten the scheme but
probably to be used as prostitutes or cheap labour). The police inspector Coleman (Antonio Almorós) and Dr. Brown investigates the strange
cases of the disappearing girls.
Poor Sandra Mozarowsky i.a. in Amando de Ossorio's 1975 Templar Zombie movie "La Noche de los Gaviotas"/Night of the Seagulls" died
in 1977 only 18 years old by falling from a balcony.

The film is presented in 1.66:1 ratio with english or spanish audio DTS-HD 2.0 and with english subtitles, region all.
Extras an audio commentary by Kat Ellinger


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