Savage Weekend (The Killer Behind the Mask / The Upstate Murders / El Asesino tras la Mascara, 1976-1979)

Spanish Vértice Cine DVD edition

According to Phil Hardy's Horror Encyclopedia this clunker of a slasher was filmed in 1976 as "The Killer Behind the Mask" but not released until 1981
(and then as Savage Weekend) which, i suppose, would make it a very early Slasher entry to the genre. It's a pretty BAD film though, and this even if
there are a lot of nudity and grisly killings. David "Re-Animator" Gale and William "Bladerunner" Sanderson are both OK as locals but the rest of the
actors are really bad .... and uninteresting. Copious amounts of nudity and lots of killings usually saves any horror film, but it doesn't work here, for me.

David Gale and Marilyn Hamlin

Another disaapointment with this film, or DVD to be precise, was the fact that the disc freezes around the 46 minute mark. A bad freeze that i had to jump
past with the FF- or -next chapter button. I tried playing it in 2 different players with the same result.

The film starts with a woman running through the woods, chased by a very slow-moving psycho and according to the laws of Physics in Horror movies she
doesn't stand a chance. She could've been Usain Bolt without having a chance of escaping. Then we are jumping to the city of NY where a woman, Marie
(Marilyn Hamlin) is about to leave town for an upstate summer house weekend with her friends, boyfriend Robert, sister Shirley, Nicky and Jay.

William Sanderson

Robert has a boat and local mental case Otis (William Sanderson) is helping him out fixing it (or building it), but Otis gets upset when Nicky is about to
supervise the work on the boat. The locals don't like the NY women flirting with them and getting naked a lot either, and soon there's a killing spree.
Everyone of the city folks are unlikeable and you don't care much about their demises.
This early Body-Count Slasher suffers from bad direction, a poor script and a slow pace, but has NO annoying teenagers in it and lots of nudity.

This Spanish DVD is presented in anamorphic widescreen 1.85:1 and with an english audio 2.0 ...

AND IT FROZE around the 46 mark, and i had to skip over the scene


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