US Subversive unrated 4 disc DVD edition

Finfina bolaget Subversive Cinema har gjort en riktig kulturgärning och gett ut en samling independent film av, den för mig i alla fall
okända aussie filmaren Mark Savage, Australien ligger ju upp och ner och har varit en vit fläck (förutom Peter Weir & Mad Max) för mig.

Something of the coolest DVD edition of 2006

DVD 1: Defenceless: A Blood Symphony - Ultra brutal and brilliant Art movie Aussie indie Horror

(see info separately at this movie)

DVD 2: SNAK (Sensitive New Age Killer) - Funny and Violent Trash Crime Action Comedy

About Paul, who as a kid, is impressed by the professional killer The Snake (Frank Bren) and who grows up to be a professional killer
himself, if an incompetent one. Paul is working with the untrustable George (Kevin Hopkins), a hopeless pervert that are having sex with
Paul's wife and provides Paul with useless weapons. One day Paul meets the old bastard killer The Snake.

Film in anamorphic widescreen, english audio 2.0. Extras: an audio commentary with Mark Savage the cinematographer and actors,
SNAK - A Post Mortem: Interviews with Mark Savage and the actors (39 minutes), Stills gallery, Biographies, Trailers and a Production
Diary Booklet

DVD 3: Marauders - Violent youth's in an action thriller and the 1987 feature film debut of Mark Savage where violent proned Melbourne
teenagers are fighting it out. David murders his mother and goes out on the countryside with his girlfriend, where as Emilio murders his
girlfriend and along with a buddy they start hunting David, rapes a girl and is surrounded by angry country kids.

Film in 4:3 original ratio, english audio 2.0
Extras: audio commentary with Mark Savage and actors, Making Of, 4 Friends in low budget heaven: interviews (28 minutes), stills
gallery, biographies, trailers and a Production Diary Booklet

DVD 4: Stained - A True Crime Drama (2006) - a long short film made for cable TV.

Depressing but well made drama thriller about children trade. Two brothers, Alex and Drew (Kevin Hopkins) kidnaps young girls for
snuff pornography and a desperate father is looking for his missing daughter, and closes in on the evil slime brothers.

Mark Savage's 8 mm films
with a horror theme (The Melbourne Years 7 st/The Detroit Years 6 st)

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